TireCheck Lite – App for your Tire’s Air Pressure

TireCheck Lite home screen
A new Israeli start-up company developed a unique application for smartphones and mobile devices which can help you check tire pressure without having to bend down or get your hands dirty.
Checking tire pressure is extremely important but many of us fail to do so on a regular basis. Failing to check the pressure in our tires can lead to serious troubles – here are just a few examples:
· Low tire pressure can cause an uneven wear of the tire.
· Low tire pressure is the number 1 cause of tire failures.
· Low tire pressure can increase braking distance and could lead to accidents.
· More than a quarter of a million car accidents in the U.S. alone are caused do to low tire pressure.
· When a tire is even 10% under-inflated it can reduce tire life span up to 16%.
· A tire which is under-inflated by 30% can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%.
· Average downtime on a highway due to a flat tire is set at 3-4 hours.
For all these reasons and more keeping your tires filled with just the right pressure is imperative. However keeping the tire full is a chore very few people do on a regular basis. This is why many governments around the world decided to include tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Starting from 2012 OR 2014 (depending on the type of the car) all new cars will be require to install TPMS. However for any existing cars (the majority on the road for years to come) help is needed.
There have been all sorts of solutions to help drivers know if their tires are properly inflated but the new TireCheck application for Smartphones and Tablets by the new Israeli company neoMATIX is surly one of the simpler and more ingénues ones.
Using the cell phone built in camera and the app’s car database the application checks and see if your car’s tires are in the proper height above the road and letting you know if you need to fill the pressure in the tire or not (and even letting you know where is the nearest gas station where you can fill it up).
neoMATIX is also working to develop diagnostic system for vehicle fleets. This will allow companies to have a measuring unit which will check each vehicle’s tires as it comes and goes into the company reducing costs, time and saving lives. All of this is done using remote sensors and is accessible online to both to the drivers and to the management.
TireCheck Lite app video

More information on neoMATIX can be found on the company’s website.
TireCheck Lite can be downloaded free of charge (for the time being) from the Apple app store (android version coming soon).

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