2007 Lite-On Awards

The Lite-On Awards 7th annual ceremony was held earlier this month, under the theme “Foreseeing the Future”. This large-scale industrial design competition, hosted by the Taiwanese “Lite-On” company, awards inventions in various industries, which put new technologies into use in order to help people solve common everyday problems. The company aims at finding innovative and exceptional design ideas and later helping with funding and support so that new products achieve global recognition before they “hit the market”.

The Gold Award winners of this year’s competition created an “Emotion Alarm”, a device that solves a very common problem. Qian Jiang and Yu Wang from the Southern Yangtze University School of Design in China presented their “Emotion Alarm”, which enables one to use an alarm clock without disturbing the sleep of other persons sleeping nearby. Peter Zec, an international judge at the competition, commented on this invention saying that this “high art” technology succeeded in solving the real problem in daily life – presenting a human and smart solution on top of great design and a sympathetic product. Another distinguished invention presented at the competition is a new type of medical bandages, designed especially for diabetic patients with chronically unhealing wounds.. The new bandages are simple to use thanks to their easy-to-peel removal tab and contain electric currents, which accelerate the healing process.

This year winners were selected from over 1700 entries from 23 countries. Since the competition’s launch, more than 7,300 participants have submitted their inventions and some of the winners proceeded to receive prestigious awards such as the iF Awards, Red Dot Awards, and IDEA Awards. Lite-On Awards aspires to become the “iF Awards” for the Chinese descendants around the world.

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Image: “Emotion Alarm” – winner of the 2007 Lite-On gold award designed by Qian Jiang and Yu Wang.

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