Innovative Next-Gen Contact Center Software for Enterprises

Technology is always changing but never is that more apparent than with the recently revealed Aspect Via Cloud Contact Center v19.

The Aspect Via platform was the first to provide complete customer engagement in the cloud. Now, it’s pushed further, giving enterprise-level cloud customers new capabilities and enhancements for both Contact Center and Workforce Optimization suites. Let’s take a closer look at what this new software has to offer.

Sensational Scaling Improvements

This innovative tool is known for providing a unique scalability solution to enterprise-level companies. Where once a company had to pay up for software licenses, extra servers and extra capacity for potential call loads, Aspect Via call center software changed the game.

From the beginning, Aspect Via allowed for upgrades and scalability in a convenient, cost-effective cloud package. The new enhancements bring more excitement to the full-featured application.

For cloud customers, management and optimization of contact centers rank supreme. Call centers can be an enterprise’s greatest asset or it can become its weakest link. When call center demands exceed supply or live assistance is needed, but agent skills don’t align with the customer’s problem, customer brand perception shifts.

Aspect Via keeps cloud call centers effective hubs of activity with interactive context from channel to channel. The new Cloud Contact Center v19 offers a wealth of improvements perfect for managing and continuously improving large thousand-agent contact centers.

Scaling capabilities have grown to support more than 5,000 simultaneous agents. It’s a valuable asset and one of particular interest to any fast-growing enterprise.

Exciting Call Center Enhancements

But scalability isn’t the only Aspect Via improvement. Enhanced employee data, like historical adherence trends, real-time alarms and time spent in or out of adherence provide supervisors with a new level of detail.

These real-time insights compare an agent’s skills to the competencies each contact requires, such as a preferred language or department, and then offers up the best fit for customer engagement.

Add in irresistible gamification rewards and metrics updates for an increase in sales performance, customer service goals and employee job satisfaction as a whole. It’s good news for enterprise-level businesses who remember the days before Aspect Via, when high turnover and disgruntled call center reps were the norm.

Management will relish the improved way to gauge customer service successes. Special data tools make it clear to see where there’s room for improvement. Supervisors can better recommend training based on these insights, resulting in a more efficient workforce.

Aspect Via’s technology has provided customer support with a way to stay engaged and furnished the right tools for seamless interaction across channels. These straightforward reactions lead to customer satisfaction and positive brand recognition.

Advanced reporting and analytics take the guesswork out of deciding how and where to improve the customer experience.

Remarkable Aspect Via Updates

Other welcome additions include an integrated Workforce Management Mobile application and Microsoft LUIS Natural Language Understanding (NLU) support. Customers will appreciate additional APIs for Dynamics and Salesforce, along with other relevant integrations.

Keep up with customers’ needs and respond accordingly with updated omnichannel email search, monitoring and reassignment. Customers can seamlessly communicate with a company across different levels.

With unified data and a clear look at customer engagement, keeping the conversation going is easier than ever.

Relevant Updates for Enterprise

Enterprise-level businesses will have the best tools to effortlessly meet a customer wherever they are at in the newly optimized marketing funnel. Relevant updates advance the cloud call center support hub like never before.

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