How Air Conditioning Can Improve Your Productivity for Home and Office

Maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level at your home and in your office helps to increase alertness, critical thinking, and efficiency. Here are some ways air conditioning can keep you comfortable, confident and supported in the task at hand.  

Comfortable Working Environments 

In an overly warm environment, people feel sluggish and drained. Brain activity is slowed as the body works to cool itself down. Productivity, in this environment, can grind to a halt. 

Having a relatively comfortable workplace temperature allows workers to experience a level of consistency and familiarity as they begin the day. As morning hours tend to be the most productive, making sure the workspace is properly air-conditioned before the first employee arrives in the morning is desirable. For home, turning on the AC remotely before you arrive is ideal as well. 

Technological Benefits of HVAC 

Electronic equipment tends to perform best at steady temperatures. Dramatic shifts in heat levels and humidity can fry small components. In other words, electronics don’t love change. Consistent use of your HVAC system insures a reliable interior climate where electronic equipment tends to run smoothly. 

Human Health Benefits of HVAC 

One of the key elements in the body’s immune system is located right in the middle of your face. The nose serves as our body’s own personal air purifier. Small hairs in our nostrils, called cilia, are coated with mucus. The sticky, flexible, mucus coated cilia latch onto harmful viruses, dust, and germs, and then direct the foreign detritus to the esophagus, as opposed to the throat, where the offending visitors are ejected through the digestive tract. 

When cilia and mucous membranes dry out, the nose, and the rest of the immune system becomes compromised. Germs that would have been removed are able to infiltrate beyond the dry and stiffened cilia and migrate into the throat and lungs, where they can be readily absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Preventing the nose from drying out keeps the first line in your immune system fighting. 

A whole-house humidifier combined with your HVAC system will maintain a consistent humidity in your home-office or workplace. Constant, reliable moisture in the air helps to nourish the mucous membranes, which in turn lubricate the cilia in the nostrils. 

Image via Flickr by SciTechTrend 

Upgrade your Obsolete HVAC 

Technology is constantly evolving and advances in modern HVAC systems afford you options that could only have been imagined in the past. Moving far beyond simply heating and cooling, the contemporary HVAC system can also serve as a state of the art, UV-light driven air purifier and whole-house humidifier.  An upgraded HVAC system can keep the air in your home or office moving, at a set humidity and temperature, while also eliminating germs.  

Ultimately finding the right temperature and moisture balance at home or in the workplace is a key component to keeping your and your employee’s productivity high. 

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