7 Inspiring Office Design Ideas

There’s no shortage of office design ideas out there, but it’s the few truly inspiring ones that will really make your workplace shine. As work changes, so should the environment in which that work takes place – for the benefit of the business and its people. It is important for any business to be proactive and open-minded in keeping up with what makes a dynamic office. A great office design equals a great place to work, which in turn results in a happier workforce. For these reasons alone, it is worth taking a look at these 7 office design ideas for some much-needed inspiration.

Take the Outside Inside

Nature has been one of the biggest and most popular trends in office design for a few years now, and with good reason. Natural elements such as reclaimed wood, floral patterns for walls or artwork, concrete floors and much more add some much-needed life and positivity to the place of work. Research shows that workers feel happier and healthier when connected to nature, something sure to boost the quality of output. You could even opt for a ‘living wall’, which utilises a wall surface for natural greenery. All of these ideas work towards making the office feel like a positive place to be, like a home away from home. This ties into the other big trend hitting offices in recent times – making people feel at home in their work.

Home Away from Home

In recent times, professional office designers, like Saracen Interiors have caught onto the fact that if people who work within a business feel at home whilst in their work, their state-of-mind and subsequent productivity will significantly improve. This new attitude has laid the groundwork for some significant innovations for office spaces. Private relaxation areas or pods are now commonplace in modern business, often used for alone time and even sleep.

Similarly, breakout areas are seeing the introduction of games or activities to be enjoyed during said breaks. That touchstone of comfort and relaxation, the sofa, has been a permanent fixture in many offices for some time now. Making employees comfortable is the single best way to get the best out of them during work hours. Ensuring that your chosen office design facilitates this ethos is the first step to achieving such an outcome.

Multiuse Spaces

Long gone are the days of cold rigidity and single-use workspaces. Cage-like cubicles and hot desking are a thing of the past, as flexible working is utilised for a multitude of different tasks across teams.

As flexible working leads to non-specific, flexible seating, benches and relaxation areas, we are seeing all three used for everything from presentations and meetings to everyday work and lunch. Giving your office this level of adaptability gives you more options and employees more freedom.

Smart Storage

Storage is so important to any office, such as the volume of equipment and documentation involved with most enterprises. The best way to implement storage in a dynamic, modern way is to make the most of the space available. In short, use as much as you can. Floor to ceiling storage walls are particularly good for this, whilst mobile shelving systems allow for a more bespoke option.

Structure by Colour

The organization of an office through specific color choices is a very recent trend that strives to promote both efficiency and creativity in the workforce through the use of different shades, tones and textures. This method allows a business to jazz up their office whilst reaping the rewards of an improved team ethic.

Walls as Canvas

Walls can be restrictive and oppressive aspects of any room, but they needn’t be. Don’t let an unmotivated workforce stare at blank walls all day long, destined to sleepwalk through another working day. Use artwork, canvas print, decals, paint – whatever! People respond to color and creativity with a certain spark of their own. Use that blank canvas and see the results.


Rule number 1 for modern-day office design: Do not be afraid to innovate. As our places of work and the people in them become smarter, every aspect of the working environment needs to follow suit. Utilise the latest technology wherever it is practical to do so, especially if there is a clear working benefit.

Most of all, do not hesitate in making work a place people love to be. There are more answers than ever to the age-old question of keeping employees happy, and most of them involve adding an element of fun or relaxation alongside the required hard work. This can be acquired through new developments in furniture, workstations, art, color, storage and much more. Use as much as you can and make an office worth waking up for.

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