5 Emerging Travel Technology Trends Changing The Industry

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New technology constantly alters businesses in various industries. When it comes to the travel industry, the latest technology trends are leading to big changes. These new innovations are changing the way we plan, travel and experience our trips. As a travel planner, it is in your best interest to stay up-to-date on the latest travel technology trends. This will keep you ahead of the competition now and in the future. After all, you need to be aware of them in order to provide your clients with the best services. Read this post to learn about the top emerging travel technology trends changing the industry. 

Recognition Technology

One of the most beneficial technologies changing the industry is recognition technology. The tools offered within this realm of advancement include fingerprint, facial recognition, retina scanning and other biometric identification methods. This type of technology is predicted to improve security during travel. You might start to find hotels that offer travel rewards through recognition technology. If you have clients who travel frequently, it would be wise to inform them of such an option should it arise. The travel industry could also use recognition technology in airports for faster, more secure customs and baggage claim processes. For the frequent traveler, recognition technologies are part of the near future.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Travel planners should also follow travel technology trends revolving around virtual reality (VR). This type of technology allows travelers to “try before they buy”. Your clients can now test out their travel options before actually making a decision. They can explore hotels virtually to ensure that they get the best deal for the price. On top of that, travelers can also gain more insight into their destination as well. They can put themselves onto different islands or on top of different mountains. Then, they can make a well-informed decision on their perfect travel destination. Travel planners need to keep this emerging technology in mind to provide the best services. 

Voice Assist Technology

Additionally, the best travel planners actively monitor voice assist technologies. These technologies enable travelers to explore new areas with ease. Executives who are on work trips can actively keep up with business travel news while traveling. They can stay up to date with recent events and developments in their industry. Moreover, they can safely find the best restaurants for families while driving through tourist cities. They simply need to talk into their hands-free devices. Before they know it, they will have a list of local options that they can choose from. Do not underestimate how much voice assist technology can positively influence the travel industry. 

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The internet of things (IoT) also benefits travelers. The IoT is changing the travel industry by enabling users to control more gadgets with just one single device. Many hotel rooms now use this technology. They offer their guests devices that control the lights, the heaters and the air conditioning in their rooms. In addition, travelers can use this technology to accelerate their luggage claim process in airports. They can purchase suitcases with sensors in them. These sensors will alert owners when their bags pass so that they can spot them more easily. The internet of things positively impacts travel in these ways. 

Passenger Drones

Finally, passenger drones are emerging in places around the globe. Now, drones are no longer only for remote use. Engineers have created a drone large enough to fit humans inside of it. Like their smaller counterparts, passenger drones are powered by technology. Their estimated flight time is approximately half an hour and a pilot has two options for flying the vehicle. They can choose to either fly it remotely like a normal drone or fly it as they would a plane. An advantage of using this new technology is that it can potentially reduce the amount of traffic travelers cause. For this reason, track this emerging travel technology trend.

Top travel planners stay up-to-date on the latest travel technologies. One worth keeping in mind is recognition technology. Keep track of virtual reality and its role in destination decision-making. Voice assist technology enables all kinds of travelers to solve issues and gain information fast. The IoT also simplifies tasks for travelers. They can control more of their devices easily in their hotel rooms and effectively track their bags in airports. Moreover, passenger drones have made an appearance in the travel industry due to their potential for reducing traffic jams. Keep these emerging travel technology trends changing the industry in mind when offering clients services.

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