Five Key Technology Trends in the Travel Industry

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It is no secret that technology has significantly impacted the travel industry. From personalized trips to contactless payments, it seems like there are innovations every day. Keep reading for five key trends in the world of travel technology.

Personalized Travel

Personalized travel is one of the key technology trends in the travel industry. With more and more people using smartphones and other mobile devices, airlines and other travel providers such as car shipping company can collect data about their customers’ preferences and use it to provide a more customized experience. For example, a customer might be offered a flight scheduled to depart at a time that best suits them. The customer may also receive recommendations for hotels near the airport or have a similar rating to their usual hotel choice.

Contactless Payments

One of the key technology trends in travel is contactless payments, which allow customers to pay for items without using cash or cards. Instead, they can use watches and mobile phones to make payments. This is particularly useful for travel, as it eliminates the need to carry around cash or cards and makes it easier to pay for items such as food and drinks.

Voice Search and Control

Another critical technology trend in travel is voice search and control. With this technology, customers can use their voice to search for information and make requests such as “What time does the airport shuttle leave?” or “Show me hotels in Barcelona.” This allows customers to avoid using smartphones and tablets, which are particularly useful when traveling.

Virtual Reality

Another critical technology trend in travel is virtual reality (VR) devices, which allow people to experience different destinations and activities without leaving their homes. VR devices can be used to view other parts of the world, book travel arrangements, and even check-in for flights. This technology is becoming increasingly popular, and more travel providers will likely offer VR services in the future.

Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is another key technology trend in the travel industry. IoT refers to the growing number of devices connected to the internet and can communicate with each other. This allows travelers to control their devices from a central location by turning on lights or locking doors remotely. IoT also allows providers to collect data about customer behavior and improve their services.


Blockchain is a key technology trend in the travel industry. Blockchain is a digital ledger that allows companies to track transactions securely and transparently. This makes it ideal for the travel industry, as it can be used to record everything from hotel bookings to flight reservations. Blockchain can also be used to manage customer data and prevent fraud.


The travel industry is experiencing technological growth and innovation. Key technology trends in the travel industry include personalized travel, contactless payments, voice search and control, VR devices, IoT, and blockchain.

With these critical technologies providing more customized service to travelers, there are bound to be significant changes in the way people book their holidays.

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