The Top 3 IoT Security Challenges

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of things is a network intended for communication of electronic devices. There are various ways of collecting and processing information in the functioning of the Internet of things. A perfect vision of IoT is an independent functioning, without the participation of a person. The concept of automating everyday devices is not a new idea. The idea of ​​combining different devices using the Internet protocol is gaining widespread popularity. Many developers turn their attention and resources into the Internet of things. IoT developer salary is also a good incentive for attracting specialists. However, despite all the advantages of IoT technologies, there are some security challenges.

Public Opinion Concerning Internet of Things Security Issues

Gemalto, an international digital security company that develops software applications, conducted a survey in 2017. The result was that 90% of users are doubt in the internet of things security issues. Private users, as well as various companies, have expressed lack confidence about the fact that IoT service providers will be able to provide the necessary IoT security for their customers.

1. Problem with encryption keys

internet of things security is provided by the MatrixSSL library. However, the level of security is not at a high level. In 2015, SEC Consult, a leading cybersecurity consultant in German-speaking countries, published a study in which more than 80,000 devices were using the same encryption key. The keys were found in the MatrixSSL home repository.

In order to eliminate the problem with the keys, first of all, manufacturers must be sure that each device uses unique, randomly generated cryptographic keys.

2. The Challenge of Mutual Communication Between IoT Devices

Solving the problem with the encryption keys, some IoT challenges still remain unresolved. The protection of one single device does not give full protection guarantees for IoT network security. Some IoT devices do not encrypt messages that are transmitting over the network. Thus, protecting the products of a single IoT application developer is not a solution for the whole complex of the Internet of Things. Leaving this problem without attention, developers and users can face a new Heartbleed.

Private communication between devices connected to the IoT network is a very important criterion for a modern user. The solution for each IoT device can be the use of separate Internet networks to isolate IoT products.

3. What Confronts Any Innovation – The Human Factor

In any sphere of human life and development, a large percentage of problems are connected with human participation. In the case of IoT security issues, the human factor did not leave aside. It is worth noting that human influence takes place in the whole life cycle of the IoT device.

Inattention and Indifference of IoT Users

Approximately fifteen years ago, the Internet user needed to worry about the safety only of his personal computer. Now, the number of devices connected to the Internet exceeds the population of the whole planet. The popularity of IoT is also growing rapidly. Connecting devices to the Internet of things, many people do not think about the compatibility of devices, software updates, and the constant support of the manufacturer of their products.

Different Attitude of Manufacturers to IoT Safety

One of the most important criteria for acquiring any device is its final cost to the consumer. It may happen that the user will spend more on a brand new smartphone of a popular company, but decides to save on the coffee machine. The manufacturer of the phone, naturally, spends more resources on ensuring the safety of its products. The manufacturer of the coffee machine, in turn, is more concerned about the quality of the coffee. Thus, a breach of the IoT security protocols of the coffee machine can cause a hacking of the smartphone and other devices connected to this IoT network.

Challenges Associated With Software Updates

People prefer to buy long-term goods. Nobody will like to buy a new coffee machine after a year of operation. And now let’s imagine that the producer of the same coffee machine stopped its activity and the output of products as well as its IoT development. Then, when you first update the software of other devices, there may be conflicts with this machine, which, in turn, will open new security problems.

Incompatibility of The Software of Devices Connected to a Single Internet of Things Network

Imagine all devices of the Internet of things will use the same data transfer protocol, with excellent protection, and there will also be predictions in case of stopping the update of one of the devices. Nevertheless, there are still remain the problem of cooperation of software of devices connected to the IoT projects. In each software, there are bugs that can reduce security. Mixing the bugs of different software will also lead to a mix of the threat level of IoT protection which requires smart IoT solutions.

The Necessity to Solve Privacy and Security Issues

All IoT problems are largely related to privacy challenges. Each IoT developer must cooperate with the device manufacturer from the very beginning of production. Thus, developers can build a strong trust basis between the manufacturer and the user. Companies, in turn, need to hire an IoT developer who can meet the needs of the end user.

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