Artificial Intelligence And Education

Today, we frequently hear the term artificial intelligence. Furthermore, we experience its benefits in our everyday life, but how does it influence the educational system? Can AI improve its quality and boost the productivity of college or university students?

Several years ago, its impact wasn’t as noticeable as it is today. Nevertheless, it shows a much better upward trend! AI influenced many areas of life and education is not an exception to the rules. Unfortunately, we still can’t enjoy powerful humanoid robots, which explain the new material to students in every classroom, but within a few years, this dream will become a reality.

How Do We See Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms?

In current times, AI or machine learning is implemented in our life. Every teacher in the world uses either a computer or a laptop in order to improve the educational experience and boost productivity.

1. Personalization.

This is the main benefit of AI. In current times, every student has a sterling opportunity to receive a personalized schedule. AI tools allow teachers to evaluate the skills and knowledge of their students and identify their merits and flaws. Through the use of them, it is easy to find what knowledge gaps students have and what tools to use in order to form the new program.

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2. Immersive educational process.

The rapid development of virtual reality tools improves not only the area of education but other spheres as well. For instance, augmented reality glasses are a super powerful tool, allowing students to immerse themselves in the distant places. It is possible to explore the traditions and culture of other countries, being in your classroom. They are able to transfer a student to these places virtually. Otherwise stated, they allow teachers to bring any theme of a lesson to life!

3. It automates some activities in education.

The most vivid example is grading. Commonly, this, at a glance, a simple task may take up to several hours. Instead of spending time on this boring work, teachers could spend more time with students, studying the new material or solidifying knowledge.

If to believe the statistics data, very soon grading will fall into oblivion. Today, AI allows teachers to automate this process. The existence of online tests proves this fact!

4. The appearance of the new tutorial programs.

We don’t want to tell that modern technologies can substitute human beings. Teaching can’t do without people, but modern technologies can help teachers and students do their work more effectively and faster. AI conduces to the development of modern tutorial programs which allow colleges to understand basic subjects. Alternatively stated, their overarching goal is to provide them with the fundamental knowledge. This is very convenient because this system allows students to test and improve their knowledge of a particular subject is at home.

5. It influences the ways students interact with facts.

Apparently, you already noticed that you see the ads based on your online search. Online stores form recommendations on the basis of your purchases. Cortana or Siri also learn your most frequent commands and speed up some processes. All this happens thanks to the artificial intelligence and its implementation in our modern life.

The same happens to education. Intelligence systems have an impact on the way we interact with information. For that reason, it also changes the way how we use facts in the academic environment. AI-based systems allow students to change the way how they conduct a research or seek facts.

6. Makes changes in the way how higher educational establishments work.

Modern schools, colleges or universities have their own intelligent computer systems, which changes the way how they interact with the future students. The complicated and time-sapping processes as recruiting or choosing the courses are faster and simpler now. The future college experience of prospective students will meet his requirements and will be formed in compliance with their goals.

In sober fact, artificial intelligence has a future because its tools speed up different educational processes and make them even more effective!

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