Stop Wondering, Start Innovating: Here’s How You Can Innovate 21st Century Business ASAP

It is safe to say that innovation is critically important to sustain the ever-changing trends of business society. After all, every single business organization undergoes some type of change either internally or externally, but not all adapt to or accept change quite well.

The result of this lack of innovation is that business products lose their charm towards consumers, and companies eventually go bankrupt. Indeed, consumers now know more about what a credible, and forward-moving business should be and what they can expect from one. If a company decides to remain stagnant especially when it comes to technology that can be used to better their performance, it may not end well for them.

If you are currently leading a firm of your own, how do you prevent this horrible event from happening? There may be a plethora of ways to build successful business models in the 21st century, but these are some of the recurring tips within each one of them.

Tip 1. Develop a long-term business culture for employees.

As vague as it may sound, developing a long-term business model that will cater to employees of this generation is beneficial for any modern company. It is not as easy as it sounds, because this may require major technological changes from top to bottom, including knowledge in IT, artificial intelligence and modern accounting.

For one, most e-Commerce stores nowadays use domain names exclusively from Linux or Windows web hosting systems, because the servers are secure and the operating systems are easy to manage. Some have started opting for cloud systems with two-factor authentication rather than the tedious print-and-file process of documentation.

Simply taking advantage of chat apps like Slack and task apps like Trello can make workflow much easier, from manager to specialist. These will allow each member of the business to streamline work, get full control of their tasks, and improve efficiency significantly. These are just some of the more innovative ways to sustain your business model.

Tip 2. Be on the lookout for the sharing economy.

The sharing economy is a 2018 business innovation that continues to thrive on sharing one’s business assets to other people. Modern-day apps like Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber make use of this type of innovation since individuals receive compensation for a service used through the business

For instance, you can easily rent out your house to guests or take a stranger to a certain location using your vehicle, all through the power of a central digital application in a mobile phone. The sharing economy is a type of business model that thrives on our society being well-connected through technology.

Tip 3. Utilize artificial intelligence to its fullest extent.

The software juggernaut known as Artificial intelligence (short for AI) has reached the business world in only a couple of years and to no surprise. It provides numerous benefits to reduce the workload of a human employee, specifically more mundane tasks like day-by-day logging, accounting, and software security checking.

AI may be utilized by almost every business organization these days, but are they using it enough? Make sure you employ AI wherever possible, so as to increase the effectivity in the workplace and subsequently save time.

Tip 4. Blockchain, blockchain, blockchain!

If a $548.2 million blockchain investment is not enough to persuade any business owner to realize that the software is innovative… he must be blind (or really old). Blockchain has hit the business market by storm this year, but a recent survey stated that only 39% of senior business executives are really knowledgeable about how blockchain works.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to develop a blockchain system that best suits your needs in business. After all, the program does not just cater to financial institutions. It can be utilized as something bigger to complement your existing business model.


Becoming a company of the 21st century will not be too difficult if entrepreneurs are aware of technology and trends they can take advantage to move their business forward. Today, business does not just involve fulfilling consumer need instantly. It is about doing it properly and innovating upon what the internet-savvy consumers are used to so that you can offer something far better.

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