New Panoramic Cameras

Immersive Media Corporation (IMC) recently unveiled a new technology for a 360-degrees rotating camera, called GeoImmersive. The technology enables the camera to fully rotate, providing users with complete visual information of the surrounding environment. The company expects that the GeoImmersive technology will be utilized mainly for crisis management, response planning, and live event monitoring.

The ability to record events during moments of crisis could help assess the situation and prevent catastrophes. Complete 360 degrees viewing capabilities may also be useful for intelligence gathering, as panoramic cameras provide better and fuller visual data than regular vision systems.

The GeoImmersive video technology provides users with an omni-directional view, either live or recorded. The technology has been incorporated into several products, including the Dodeca 2360 Camera and the IM Surrounder. Both have a resolution of up to 640×480 and a high speed shutter (1/30 seconds to 1/10,000 seconds). For low-light conditions they have an automatic frame integration system, slowing the shutter speed down to a third of a second. The Dodeca 2360 has eleven 1/3″ CCD sensors in a modular dodecahedral array, while the IM Surrounder has six CCD 1/3” modular image sensors, as each of the devices has been designed for different missions.

IMC’s open architecture allows the user to associate GeoImmersive videos with features on a map, and enables selecting layers of information according to the user’s requirements. User’s can alternately watch satellite images, aerial shots, and a terrestrial perspective, and can choose to view the images from different angles. Interiors of buildings can be mapped in advance so that detailed floor-plans are on file, allowing for faster mobilization.

IMC developed this technology to allow timely acquisition, analysis, and intelligence sharing, needs which the company feels are imperative in today’s tense geopolitical situation. The company expects the market for these devices to be comprised mainly of ‘first responders’ – the coast guard, police force, firefighters, medical personnel, and the military. The merging of aerial photographs, 3D images, multimedia, GPS mapping systems, and immersive videos is designed to aid these professionals in their various missions.

TFOT recently covered the 360-Degrees Panoramic System developed by the Israeli ODF Optronics Company, as well as Microsoft’s RoundTable, a unique high-end video conferencing system featuring a 360-degrees panoramic view of the conference room.

For more information, videos, and demonstrations of GeoImmersive technology, see IMC’s website.

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