360-Degrees Panoramic System for the ‘Big Boys’

The Israeli company ODF Optronics has developed a new system for armored vehicles, which provides users inside the vehicle with full panoramic view of the outside environment. The “Omni-Directional Reconnaissance” (ODR) device makes the hazardous task of sweeping the surroundings of the vehicle for potential threats a bit easier and eliminates the need for the team to expose themselves to enemy snipers.

ODR HV installed in a heavy armored vehicle (Credit: O.D.F. Optronics)
ODR HV installed on a armored vehicle
(Credit: O.D.F. Optronics)

The use of heavy vehicles in urban warfare, counter-terror missions and rescue operations is increasing, due to the nature of the threats encountered in modern battlefields. One of the main weaknesses of these vehicles has to do with the high level of exposure of the soldiers driving the vehicles. A new system developed by a small Israeli company, called ODF Optronics, enables combatants to avoid this vulnerability. Since the Omni-Directional Reconnaissancefor Heavy Vehicles (ODR HV) central pole is mounted on top of the vehicle, no physical exposure of the fighters inside the vehicle is necessary. All the information regarding the potential threats is retrieved using a laptop within the vehicle making it much safer than a traditional scan.

Inside look of the ODR HV   (Credit: O.D.F. Optronics)
Inside look of the ODR HV
(Credit: O.D.F. Optronics)

The central pole contains five cameras capable of zooming in on specific areas, providing soldiers inside the vehicle with a full view of the outside action. The system also includes a single high-resolution camera with the capability to pan, tilt & zoom (PTZ), enabling thorough investigation of suspected threats. An optional addition is an infra-red (IR) camera with night vision capabilities. The system’s image analysis software can synthesize the video images from all the cameras into one comprehensible panoramic view, and the display has traditional clock view (marked 1 to 12) in order to keep the operator oriented.

The ODR HV is designed to be durable: it is built to sustain driving on rough terrain and in bad weather. Moreover, it can be installed on various platforms and can be integrated into several battle-management units. The option of saving images exists for record and archive purposes. Furthermore, the system can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of each one of its users, whether it is the commander, the driver, or other personnel in the vehicle.

360 degrees full panoramic  view from inside the vehicle (Credit: O.D.F. Optronics)
360 degrees full panoramic view from
inside the vehicle (Credit: O.D.F. Optronics)

ODR’s VMD feature allows the user to extend the system’s surveillance capabilities. The user can establish a ‘Region of Interest’ in which potential threats (indicated by motion) trigger alerts. This feature enhances the team’s ability to respond to threats coming from different directions.

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More information on the ODR can be found on ODF Optronics’ press release.

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