AquaMaker – Generating Water from Air

The AquaMaker AM10 is an innovative water-generating machine that was designed to enhance water availability and reduce power consumption by generating water from the air we breathe. The Aquamaker AM10 uses air filtering technology that prevents the growth of algae and bacteria on the condensing coils by removing between 85-99 percent of all air-borne particles, dust, mold spores, bacteria, and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). This innovative device cuts down water consumption rates and provides pure drinking water.

The Houston based Company AquaMaker aims to address two pressing global problems – the growing shortage in fresh water sources and the increasing pollution of these water sources.

The AquaMaker AM10 has an air filter that removes and oxidizes compounds from contaminated air. The bio- air filter contains Ziolite (a mineral that has a micro-porous structure, and is therefore often used in water filters), coated with a solution of Oxychloride. The minerals utilize the principles of chelating, effectively destroying organic life forms and micro organisms present in the air. When air passes through the filter, target pollutants diffuse into the ziolite, as absorption and instantaneous oxidation occur.

The AM10 features a digital display microcomputer that is easy to read and ensures the system is working properly. Electronic sensors are attached to different parts of the machine in order to alert the owner of scheduled maintenance check-ups and of performance irregularities.

In order to save energy, the AM10 automatically stops producing water when it has reached its storage capacity. The built-in air filter not only cleans its air intake in order to generate pure water, but also returns clean air to the environment. The AM10 is designed to prevent the growth of bacteria and provides a continuous effective protective agent in the water. The machine operates quietly thanks to a fan system that reduces noise during water production.

According to AquaMaker, because the AM10 converts the humidity in the air into water, it can work practically anywhere in the world, even the desert (although with reduced efficiency, of course). Currently, the company offers relatively large (water cooler sized) models starting at $1,799. These machines can produce about 36 liters of water within 48 hours. AquaMaker is planning on releasing a much smaller countertop model for home use in the near future (no price given at this stage).

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More information on the AquaMaker AM10 is available at the company’s website.

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