Fog Shower

Joao Diego Schimansky, a student at Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana in Brazil, is one of eight finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2007 annual global competition. Schimansky designed a concept called “Fog Shower”, a showerhead that consumes much less water than conventional showerheads. Conventional shower heads consume 26 liters of water for a five minute shower. By creating a fog of microscopic water droplets, the Fog Shower consumes only two liters of water for a five minute shower. Schimansky’s innovative invention could be developed to provide us with an enjoyable way to cut down our daily water consumption.

The Fog Shower reduces water consumption immensely by creating a vapor flow with microscopic water droplets. The water is heated and sent under pressure to an ultrasonic vaporizer, and is then forced through perforated metal plates. An intelligent sensor system aims the water vapor in different angles, depending on the movements of the person showering.

Schimansky believes that his eco-design manages to provide comfort and convenience while reducing negative impact on the environment. He points out that the Fog Shower is different than existing devices, which have to compensate for the inconvenience of the reduced water flow by increasing the water flow’s aeration.

The Fog Shower can utilize renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power. In addition, the device saves energy simply because less water needs to be heated.

Schimansky commented that “I also considered the fact that several places in the world already suffer from a lack of water and that this situation will probably get worse, which will also aggravate the energy waste.”

TFOT recently covered a discovery made by scientists at the University of Illinois, who found a new way to produce water from unlikely materials such as alcohols. Another water-related invention covered by TFOT is the “Life Saver”, a bottle installed with a mechanism capable of purifying even the dirtiest water, eliminating foul tastes and smells from the liquid within seconds.

More information on the Fog Shower is available at Electrolux Design Lab’s website.

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