Pocket Shower

Sea to Summit, a company led by both Tim Macartney-Snape, the man who climbed Mt. Everest in an expedition by the same name, and designer Roland Tyson, have developed the Pocket Shower. Traveling outdoors means giving up different conveniences, such as a bed or a bath, that make our lives more comfortable. The Pocket Shower offers an alternative that is not only easy and simple to carry, but also one that provides up to eight and half minutes of warm shower.

The Pocket Shower is very compact as it zips into a 4.25 ounce, 3” x 6” pouch. It is made out of heat-resistant waterproof polyurethane-coated nylon fabric and has a roll-top closure. Thanks to this fabric, this Pocket Shower can double as a dry sack, which can be used to carry clothes, for example.

A simple twist mechanism is used in order to easily adjust the water flow. The showerhead is built into the base and the whole device can be hung from whatever is available on site (tree branches and the like) via two tough Delrin D rings with 20 feet of lightweight cord that is provided.

The 10 Liter (2.6 gallon) Pocket Shower can provide for an eight and a half minute shower. The water is heated during the day by the black fabric which absorbs the sun’s heat. This outdoor shower costs around 25$.

TFOT covered another innovation that can be used by outdoor enthusiasts – the Xplorer GPS Smart Shoe tracks the wearer’s location and provides a history of their movement. The advantage of the shoe is that although it isn’t noticeably different from other shoes and the wearer is effortlessly connected to a GPS simply by wearing it. This unique shoe can be used to track missing people such as hikers or climbers.

More information on the Pocket Shower can be found at the company’s official website.

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