How Can Smart Data Enhance Vehicle Safety

Vehicle safety is one of the key focuses of logistics today. Fair enough, vehicle breakdowns always mean trouble and are potentially dangerous. Therefore, logistics companies are in need of solutions that can enhance safety of driving and security of vehicles. That’s why they take advantage of logistics software development company services to stay competitive in the market.

Smart logistics data enables you to predict potential risks and take preventive measures to ensure smooth and reliable supply chain. Smart data can help identify and minimize risks of the vehicle damage, damages to goods, and delivery delays in advance.

What is Smart Data?

In a nutshell, smart data is digital information that can be processed immediately after it has been captured. Then, smart data is sent to a cloud platform for further analysis.

Smart data is highly valuable for logistics. Among other uses, it’s crucial for vehicle safety that data can be instantly analysed and used to control the brakes and steering wheel. In essence, smart data helps to get critical insights and make important decisions in real-time.

Which Technology is Behind Smart Data?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the cornerstone of the concept of connected vehicles as well as making predictions. For instance, AI collects telematics data and analyses it in order to provide you with the real-time information on road and weather conditions. Based on the results of analysis, AI can suggest the safest route and trigger instant alerts.

Internet of Things

IoT allows for monitoring the vehicle component parts in real-time and identifying failures. Using the analytics data, the technology suggests maintenance service planning.

Machine Learning

Predictive vehicle maintenance heavily depends upon machine learning. To improve the accuracy of predictions, it’s necessary that a system automatically learns and improves from experience, and then can process additional data to make predictions. Obviously, the better a machine learning model is trained, the higher accuracy in monitoring and predictions it’s able to ensure.

In particular, it’s ML that enables early detection of starter malfunctions and makes predictions for the duration of the battery’s life. Plus, machine learning takes part in identifying problems connected with the steering and braking systems. As soon as the data is captured, it’s transferred to the cloud storage for detailed analysis.

Vehicular Communication Systems

However, gathering data from the vehicle itself is not the only way to enhance safety and vehicle’s overall performance. Beyond that, vehicles can share insights among one another and with the environment related to them. For instance, data sharing solutions can provide for the most precise information on the truck’s surroundings. This technology is known as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication.

How Can Smart Data Improve Vehicle Safety

Smart Logistics Data form the basis for agile, robust and autonomous supply chains that can predict and eliminate potential problems, and more.

Roadside Assistance

Connected vehicle data makes it possible to access a live stream of diagnostic trouble codes and analyse the condition of each vehicle to ensure their most efficient interaction. In addition, connected vehicle data helps to quickly exchange requests for assistance on the road.

Vehicle Maintenance

Smart data is of immense value to vehicle maintenance services and over the air (OTA) updates. OTA solutions enable logistics companies to update vehicle software remotely, thus minimizing risks of safety issues..

Crash Prevention

Another application of smart data in logistics is related to crash prevention. The system can warn the driver about vehicles changing the lane or moving along the wrong lane. Plus, sensors can capture pedestrians with the help of slow speed detectors.


Without a doubt, implementing smart data solutions is going to disrupt the way logistics views the safety of vehicles. By applying modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in vehicle manufacturing, it’s quite achievable to ensure the top safety of the trucks as well as transported goods..

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