CCXR- Bio Fuel Powered Sports Car

The elite Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg has created a new bio-fuel powered sports car named CCXR. This Limited Edition CCXR is the first homologated car currently in production to reach over 1,000 Brake horsepower, and a top speed of over 400 km/h (250+ mph). In addition, the CCXR is environmentally friendly, as it runs on E85 (bio-fuel). Keonigsegg plans on displaying the new edition CCXR at the Geneva International Motor Show scheduled for March, 2008.

A previous model manufactured by Koenigsegg is the CCX that succeeds the 806 horsepower (hp) CCR, which held the Guinness World Record for the most powerful streetcar. Though the CCXR and the CCX are similar in some of their performance figures, such as reaching a speed of 100km (62mph) in 3.2 seconds, the new CCXR has a higher top speed.

The CCXR’s body is made of pre-impregnated carbon-fibr/kevlar and of lightweight sandwich reinforcements. It is equipped with a Koenigsegg V8 cast aluminum engine, 4 valves per cylinder, and double overhead camshafts. The CCXR’s transmission is a 6-speed gearbox that was specially developed by the Italian company Cima.

According to Keonigsegg, the CCXR’s performance is even better than that of the standard CCX thanks to the bio-fuel, “the ethanol in bio-fuel has the positive side effect of cooling the combustion chambers, as well as a higher octane value, well over 100 RON, which gives the high power.” The company explains that for this reason, the power reaches up to 1018 hp at 7200 rpm, and the torque can reach up to 1060 nm at 6100 rpm.

The company also stated that is will be possible to return all previous CCXs to the factory, where they will be converted to operate on bio-fuel. This will not only upgrade the cars’ performance but will also make them more environmentally friendly.

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More information on the CCXR can be found on Keonigsegg’s website.

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