What is the Best Country to Register Your Yacht or Boat Offshore

Many people dream of buying a yacht or a boat. Some people want it just for pleasure, while others have tempting reasons to have a commercial yacht or boat, after starting a business in this field in the Cayman Islands. When people get involved in this process, they understand that it’s not such a simple procedure. Buying a yacht is half a problem. You need to register it somewhere and pay a fortune for its maintenance. 

To register a yacht or a boat, you need to gain insights about taxes, fees, regulations, and so on. Some countries make it really hard for people to own a yacht or a boat. Eventually, all those fees don’t contribute to the fact that a yacht purchase will pay off. 

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However, if you’re still interested in buying a yacht, you might want to know which places are the most appropriate in terms of taxes, fees, and regulations. We’ll give a hint of where you should register your new yacht or boat

What is the Best Country to Register Your Yacht or Boat Offshore?

Why choose offshore registration

Some people want to register their yacht where they live. However, when they get to know what steps must be taken, they change their mind fast. It’s all about high taxes and fees, challenging accessibility, and restrictions on port access. That’s why offshore registration becomes a better choice. 

However, it’s not that simple to register a yacht in another country as well. In most countries, you’ll need to have a legal entity. Without it, you’ll have another issue with authorities, since you have a foreign passport. Therefore, you need to think twice if this is what you want, you can always rent a yacht. 

Most favorable places for registering a yacht or a boat 

The British Virgin Islands

The first advantage of buying a boat here is that there’s no need to pay VAT. Thus, at the stage of purchasing a yacht, you’ll find this solution the most cost-effective. Another advantage is that it’s a rather stable state where corporate income tax is not applicable. 

However, there’s no way you can avoid having a legal entity here. The whole process can take more than 6 months, so registering your yacht will not be fast. Overall, the cost of registering your yacht for pleasure (under twenty-four meters) is about six hundred dollars. Moreover, every year you’ll pay about one hundred dollars for fees. 

The Cayman Islands

There’s no need to have a legal entity, however, a local agent will be significant in all processes. It doesn’t matter where your crew or a captain will be from. However, the captain’s qualifications must be proved. When registering your yacht here, you’ll find cruising around the US hassle-free. 

Fees might not be as low as you expect. The registration process will cost about seven hundred dollars. Also, annual fees will be about five hundred dollars.

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The Netherlands

When looking for the most favorable place for registering a yacht, you should pay attention to the Netherlands. The whole process will take days, but not months. The only stumbling block is that you need to have a company registered in one of the EU countries. 

You can choose a light or a more extensive registration. They differ in access to waters and costs. Overall, if you don’t have EU citizenship, registration fees start from about 650 euros. 


It’s not a challenge to find a favorable place to register a yacht. However, a legal entity in the chosen country in most cases will be crucial. You can find the most advantageous place with low taxes and fees, easy accessibility, and port access. 

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