6 Times You’ll Need a Legal Courier

Legal couriers offer a range of services and play an important role in the legal field. They may work with lawyers, judges, legal secretaries, and solicitors. A legal courier can also work with the public to transport important documents to legal professionals or courtrooms.

There are many scenarios where a legal courier is your best option when sending important documents or items. Below, we’ve listed five times you’ll need to use a legal courier service, such as the service offered by Couriers Atlanta.

Documents for Court Filings

If you’re attending court, you may need to provide court filings. Sometimes, courts accept filings electronically, but many still require signed paper copies of paperwork.

You must always send court filings via the post using a reliable legal courier. Choosing a trusted legal courier ensures your documents remain safe and damage-free during transit and arrive at the courtroom in time for your courtroom attendance date.

Submitting court filings late can lead to legal consequences, so it’s important to send your documents as early as possible and choose a next-day service when booking your delivery with the legal courier.

Documentation for Court Summons

Similarly, you may need to send documentation for court summons and subpoenas. Legal couriers ensure legal notifications and associated documents are delivered in a timely manner to all parties involved in the case.

Choosing a legal courier that offers tracked deliveries and receipts provides the safest option for delivering paperwork relating to summons and subpoenas.

Sending Medical Records

Legal couriers may also be involved in the delivery of medical documents and notes if a legal case involves medical malpractice, healthcare errors, personal injuries, or criminal defense. A legal courier will transport these documents safely to prevent theft, loss, or confidential data breaches.

Exchanging Contracts and Agreements

Many legal processes involve the exchange of contracts and written agreements. These may be for business transactions, property sales and purchases, or family law-related matters like divorces or child custody agreements.

Legal couriers provide fast and reliable service to guarantee that they deliver all legal contracts and written agreements to the intended recipients within a pre-determined timeframe.

Sending Evidence

If you need to send physical evidence to a lawyer, solicitor, or courtroom, you’ll need to contact a legal courier. The courier can send enveloped documents and photographs or boxed physical items to various locations within 24 to 48 hours, depending on your needs.

They will ensure maximum security of your documents and items throughout the delivery process to ensure no essential evidence is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Sending Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning often involves documentation for wills and trusts that need to be shared with a number of people. You might need to transport these documents to various people, such as estate planning lawyers, executors, and beneficiaries. Using a legal courier provides you with peace of mind, as you can guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your documents to the relevant parties.

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