What Is The Logistic World Doing To Stay Ahead Of The Game?

With more and more people ordering items online, the demand for e-commerce shipping is higher than it’s ever been and it is growing all the time. In such a growing industry, what innovations are logistic companies carrying out to give consumers and businesses the best service possible?


Auto Send

You can send exactly the way you want to, without any unnecessary bother with Parcel 2 Go’s new free to use groundbreaking feature ‘Auto Send’.

Stay ahead of the game when you sell online with Auto Send’s effortless shipping process. The software that learns how you like to send your products and then automatically imports items from your e-commerce accounts.

You can receive email notifications when orders are ready with one-click booking so you can have piece of mind that your items are on there way.


Sell through your favorite websites

A new innovation in shipping items is integrated ordering system with companies such as eBay and Amazon. This means that your order goes straight to the courier you’ve chosen and you can even print out the label in your own home. A good courier service really makes a difference, Absolutely London couriers are one of the best in the game.

Parcel 2 Go’s new eBay shipping tool makes it quick and easy to book the delivery service you need quickly so you can keep your customers happy. You just sync your account to eBay and then you can easily book a delivery time and track your order on your phone.

You can track any parcel using their free tracking tool, and if there’s anything else you need to talk to us about, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to their award-winning customer service team.


Will we see a way businesses deliver large parcels?

When it comes to large parcel delivery, the general rule seems to be, the bigger the parcel, the bigger the price tag.

Parcel2Go proves that ‘general rules’ were made to be broken, because with them the bigger the parcel, the better the savings. They have made it their mission to ensure that plus-size parcels are delivered for the smallest possible cost by the best large item couriers.

Parcel 2 Go offers a lowest price guarantee on deliveries within the UK so that you’re getting the best deal whenever you book a large item courier. They operate with a select number of specialist large-item couriers to ensure that your large parcel is handled with the utmost care, so you can feel assured that you’re getting the best quality of service when you book a heavy goods courier.


Companies like Parcel 2 Go are constantly innovating to make sure they are keeping ahead of the game and giving the best possible service for their customers. Absolutely London Couriers

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