7 Reasons Why Travel Agencies Need Beautifully Designed Websites

No matter how old your business is or how big your client base is, if you are an owner of a travel agency, it definitely needs a website. Today, having your own internet resource is an integral part of any business, and so it is logical that you also have to pay special attention to its design – the website is made for a broad audience to browse, after all! In this article, we will introduce seven reasons why you definitely need an elaborate and unique travel agency website design. Let’s get started!

Attract new clients

The most obvious reason for creating an attractive travel agency website design is the ability to expand the client base. That is why it is very important to create a site which is not based on some kind of template or on another item from the list of examples of the best travel agency websites. Think about what else could attract your potential customers besides low prices and good service. If we are talking about design and content, then this would include some quantity of travel videos, a board with real reviews and consistent style with your corporate attributes featured on each web-page.

Demonstrate the full list of services

If not the site, what will be able to truly demonstrate the entire list of your services, tell your future clients about possible traveling destinations, familiarize them with the rules for getting a tourist visa, and provide some additional information (for example, about vaccinations, etc.)? Think carefully about the sitemap, create an advanced search engine and implement a convenient control panel in the UI which is accessible from any page of your website.

Create a positive image

If your local business is “backed up” by its own internet portal, then this fact will surely inspire confidence from your customers. After all, according to the statistics, 70-80% of audiences first visit the internet resource of the company and only then turn to an offline agency. To enhance the positive impression of your tourism business, you should use only unique content (in particular, images – it is better to choose professionally processed ones made by your employees or customers, instead of those that were loaded from the photobank).

Workflow automation

If your business has a large client turnover, you are unlikely to find a reasonable balance between the number of employees and a decent salary for them. In turn, a logical and simple travel website design will help your customers to make out the orders by themselves, which, after that, can be also automatically processed.

Interact in 24/7 mode

Naturally, you will not force your employees to sit in the office from the early morning to the late night waiting for clients. Today, this problem is solved in a very simple manner – just ask an expert web designer to create an interactive form to provide a bi-directional connection with users in 24/7 mode. It is desirable that it be built-in and not appear as a separate pop-up window.

Present new offers

A website is a great place to post new offers from your travel agency. Of course, your customers can learn about them through advertisements, but this is an additional waste of time and money. Creating such offers within your internet platform, however, ensures that, despite their prominence, users can easily access the necessary materials for each promotion.

Improve the UX

Having a page with true customer feedback, you can gradually enhance the way your services are provided. Furthermore, for additional transparency of your business, we recommend creating a separate tab in the header of the site where all your contact data should be posted (the more there is, the better). This is why the next step in promoting your service will be the creation of profiles in social networks.

Website design for travel agencies: our conclusion

As you can see from the information provided by agentestudio, user-friendly travel industry web design is a wonderful and very simple way to find new customers and generate leads. If you do not want to bother with the technical part of your business and want a custom solution as soon as possible, contact the professional designers who will do.


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