Top 7 Medical Website Design Examples of 2018

Building an online presence can help your hospital convince more patients into trusting your services. However, this is only possible if you are following a well-thought-out strategy. For example, a great way to start building a reputation online is to stand out from other competitors.

You can start by building your own website featuring an eye-catching web design. Teaming up with website designers like fireart.studio is the best way to go, especially if you are not yet familiar with different trends in the market. In return, they will need your inputs regarding the purpose, nature, environment, and vision of your company. This will result in a website with a clear message, while still appealing to potential patients and partners.

In order to get a clear vision of how you would want your website to turn out, here are some examples of healthcare websites you can draw inspiration from:

Mount Sinai

The color scheme of Mount Sinai’s website is the perfect choice for a medical office website design. White is the color commonly associated with the environment of a hospital and using it as the background color successfully sets the mood for the visitors. Blue is also a good choice to complement the background color. This color represents calmness, reliability, and serenity, which are perfect to gain the trust of new patients.

The website’s user interface is also noteworthy since it makes website navigation easy to use and understand. A good example is a button big enough to catch one’s attention, which will lead you directly to a specific page if you are looking for doctors. What patients usually need is already on the top of the home page, making transactions quick and effortless.

Integrated Podiatry Clinic

This podiatry clinic seems to be well updated with the web design trends that ruled 2017. Their unique take on the medical clinic website design makes them stand out from the usual templates. Examples are their use of large and bold fonts, along with the use of minimalistic elements. Since their target audience is those who seek comfort for their feet, the layout of their website can already give them a hint of what they can do for their patients: relaxation.

The website’s interface is pretty straight-forward, only offering few navigation options. This makes it easier for the visitors to find what they are looking for.

Cleveland Clinic

Once again, white and blue are the choices as the primary colors for this medical website design. What makes it different from Mount Sinai’s website design is the addition of a slight touch of the color green. This shade is known for its soothing effect on the eyes, attracting the visitors to stay a bit longer on the site than usual. Also, this color can represent wellness, good health, and growth.

Their font choice is also worth commending since it gave the website an overall professional look. This can immediately assure potential patients that they will be in the hands of reliable and trusted medical professionals.

Northwestern Medicine

A simple design is said to be the best medical website design. This just shows that simplicity, with ideas done right, has its own charm that can give your website an upper hand against your competitors.

Northwestern Medicine’s website is one great example that your website can shine even with the simplest elements. The links patients usually look for can be easily found and accessed, since they are already clearly presented upon loading of the page. Unlike the previous entries on this list, the website designers decided to go for the combination of white and purple color scheme.

It might seem unusual for a medical company to use purple as the prominent color for their website; however, it still works out. The use of this color can mean royalty or bravery, which automatically makes their image different from other hospitals. A patient’s well-being is not their only goal, but they also make sure that it is known they are the best at it. This just shows how powerful colors are as an element.

It is also noteworthy that they made use of the fixed header design, making website navigation possible even in the middle part of the page.

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

A combination of colors is a surefire way to catch children’s attention, and this is what their medical practice website design aimed to do. However, with the use of a white background, the website still manages to look professional. What makes the design stand out from the rest is that it makes simplicity still look fun and appealing to children. The use of the lighter shades of the colors and the addition of smiling children make it feel like the hospital is not only professional but enjoyable as well.

Oculistica Mastropasqua

This custom medical website design is surely something you have never seen before. Their use of animation and video was fascinating to look at, leaving visitors amazed and interested in more. Utilizing videos as a header is one of the biggest trends of 2017-2018; however, only a few are successful in executing it. The biggest challenge for this is how it would affect a website’s loading time, which can also affect bounce rate. Upon opening this website, the videos are already loaded and moving smoothly, and it is accompanied with well-timed animations on mouse hovering.

The quality of the website will also affect visitors’ impression of the company. A well-developed website will undoubtedly impress new patients, placing you on the top of their list when medical attention is needed.

Flatiron Health

Parallax Scrolling is one web design trend that continues to appear every year. It is an effect where a background image stays in its place as you scroll down, and then proceeds to be covered with the content coming up from the bottom. Although slightly overused, it still amazes visitors when it is done right.

Flatiron Health’s take on this trend is clean and smooth, complementing the layout used for the homepage. Everything on the website looks professional, establishing a desirable reputation at first glance.


Your website will be your company’s face to the entire world, which is why it is important to always put the best version of you forward.

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