How will the Future of Twitter Change under Elon Musk’s Ownership?


Things surrounding and at Twitter have been eventful since Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media platform. With the dynamicity of the platform in the past few months, brands are skeptical about leveraging the platform for their marketing needs.

That said, Twitter is still on the path of significant changes. Not just to the layout and the UI of the app but also to the way the users interact on the platform. Based on research by ExpressVPN, we get a comprehensive rundown of the current state of Twitter and how things have changed since Elon’s ownership.

But what about the future? How will Twitter change in the coming few years? We will touch base with the top three potential scenarios.

Has Twitter’s Change of Ownership Affected Brands and Advertising?

Before we discuss the plausible shifts that will hit Twitter in the future, let us understand the current state of marketing and advertising on the platform.

Variety reports that there has been a 30% reduced advertising spending on Twitter ever since Musk’s takeover. It has gone to an extent where big brands have stopped advertising their products and services on Twitter.

You might be surprised that 90% of Twitter’s revenue relies on advertising. And, with such heavy cutbacks, there is potential that it will affect Twitter’s state of being in the future.

What are the Possible Changes to Hit Twitter shortly?

Elon Musk’s approach to Twitter is unpredictable. No one knows what he’ll do next, mainly because Twitter is now a private company.

However, we wanted to sit down and speculate on a few potential scenarios that could drive Twitter’s future. Let us walk you through them.

1. Consistent in What’s Happening

While the “old Twitter” relied on advertising as its primary source of revenue, Musk has a slightly different vision.

According to Musk, he is focusing on creating Twitter as an entirely new product that’s driven by subscriptions. It is also believed that Musk could be in talks with developers and engineers to make Twitter more open-source and less restrictive for users.

Instead of appealing to brands, companies, and advertisers, Musk’s transformation appeals to content creators, gamers, etc. The future could be proceeding on this track for Twitter.

2. Make a U-turn and Appeal to the Advertisers

Musk has publicly announced that he is not a big fan of brand-led advertising. He has time and time mentioned that low-relevancy ads, according to him, are spam.

With such statements in mind, Musk might not prioritize brand-led advertising for Twitter, even in the future. But, there is potential for personalized, performance-led marketing.

However, with how loose advertisements are right now on Twitter, there is a high chance that Musk will have to introduce different content moderation to get potential advertisers on board again.

3. An All-in-on Scenario?

With how abruptly everything happened with Musk’s Twitter takeover, don’t be surprised if the Tesla CEO has plans to make Twitter the ultimate “super platform.”

Are there chances that Musk might transform Twitter into an “all-in-one” app, where he integrates all the features into one? From payments to hailing a ride, everything might be possible on Twitter.

With Meta undergoing remarkable transformations, it won’t be surprising if Twitter follows the same action route. However, this seems more of a hypothetical situation than a reality.


Twitter has undergone multiple reforms ever since Musk’s takeover. Whether or not more changes to the features, settings, and layout are introduced is something we’d have to look forward to. Until then, we are leaving you with three potential scenarios. Which one of the three do you think is the most plausible choice?

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