What Do Your Applicants Expect From The Recruitment Process?

Lots of business owners and entrepreneurs dread the whole recruitment process. It can be quite expensive, especially if it is drawn out over a long period of time, and can also take up a fair bit of their time. And that’s all time and money that they believe would be better off spent elsewhere. So, there is no wonder that many businesses are constantly trying to streamline their recruitment process to make it a lot more efficient.

If you are trying to currently improve your recruitment process, you will no doubt be trying to make things better for your business. This will all be from your point of view, of course. But have you ever considered trying to make things better for your applicants? After all, I’m sure they will have their own thoughts and opinions on going through your company’s recruitment process. If they have a bad opinion of it, then you might find that quite a few applicants drop out along the way, which could cost you some of the best talents for your open positions.

So, it is always key to try and improve the process with your applicants in mind as well as your own company. Not sure what makes a good recruitment process for applicants? Here are a few things that most of them will want.



They Don’t Want To Remind You Who They Are

You will receive a lot of applications per open position in your company. In fact, it could be difficult for you to keep track of all the applicants! Even so, that is no excuse for ever forgetting anyone’s name, especially when they arrive for their interview. If there are a few different interview stages, each applicant will no doubt be annoyed if the interviewers forget who they are and ask them their name. It could even come across as the interviewer not really caring much about them. Of course, if different people are carrying out the different interview stages, it could be tricky for them to keep track of all the applicants. Thankfully, there is a solution to this. You just need to utilize ATS Software in the application process. Once you receive a job application, all of the individual’s details get entered into the software. Then, whoever is interviewing them can quickly pull up their details right before an interview.



It Shouldn’t Go On Forever

There is a lot that needs to go into assessing each applicant. For instance, you will need a couple rounds of interviews so that you are able to build up a good picture of each individual and judge who will be the best fit for your company. If the job you are recruiting for is highly skilled, you might even want your applicants to take a round of tests to make sure their skill set is up to standard. This can take quite a few weeks. Of course, such long recruitment processes can be problematic for your applications as they might struggle to keep on taking time off work for interviews, tests, and other things you require them to do. It is in everyone’s best interest that the process is as short as it can be. This will also minimize any unnecessary stress that the applicants might experience too!



They Want Everything Out In The Open

While you are communicating with all of your applicants, whether via email or in person at the interview stages, you always need to be open and honest with them. Every applicant will expect each aspect of the job to be explained to them, especially the salary and benefits that they will expect to receive. It’s always a good idea to have the contract with you in the final stages of recruitment so that they can read it and see if there are any parts or clauses that they might take issue with. This means that any potential clashes and differences of opinion can be sorted out before an individual has accepted the job, signed the contract, and it is too late.


They’d Rather Not Meet The Other Applicants

It is often best not to know who you are up against when it comes to applying for jobs. So, if at all possible, you shouldn’t bring the applicants together or run interviews so close together that there is a good chance people might cross paths. Even though some people won’t be too bothered about this, but it could rock other people’s confidence. For instance, they might recognize someone and think that there is no way they will be able to prove themselves to be the best candidate. So, one way to put your applicants first in the recruitment process is to ensure that they never discover who all of the others are.



It’s Important You Don’t Leave Them Hanging

Once you have decided who you are going to give the job to, it is really important to let everyone else know that they were unsuccessful this time. There are still quite a few companies that don’t bother to get in touch with their unsuccessful applicants to let them know. However, this is extremely rude and impolite, and it isn’t something that you should copy. It will only reflect badly on your company, and you might find that you don’t receive as many applications from high-caliber individuals as a result.


They Expect A Negotiation Period After Being Given A Job Offer

Once you do offer someone a new job, it is important that you give them a period to review their contract. During this time, they will be able to come back to you with any clauses that they want to change or slightly alter. This negotiation period gives you and the applicant the chance to make sure you are both happy with the finalized contract.

As you can see then, there are quite a few things your applicants will expect from the recruitment process. Putting these changes into places can really boost the whole process for both of you!

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