Saving Money on Your Smartphone

There are many costs that we have in life that can add up. There are day to day costs that we can’t get away from, and that we need to spend on. Most of us aren’t going to get very far without groceries and things like heating and electricity bills. Even a smartphone is something that can be a life support for work and for all that we need to do. But the costs of having one can really add up to quite a lot. We can also overpay on our phones, especially if you haven’t looked at what you’re paying for a while, and don’t check things like your usage. So here are some of the things that you should do to make sure that you aren’t paying too much for your phone, and how to save.

One of the first things to think about is that if you are out of your smartphone contract, and you haven’t cancelled it yet. The network provider isn’t going to contact you about it, so it will carry on, at the same rate, unless you cancel it. So you will be pretty much paying twice for the phone that will be by now, paid off. So that is one of the first things to check, so if you are out of contract, you can cancel it immediately. Don’t just keep going because it is easier to stay with them. It can be a bit of research and then you’ll be good to go, paying less each year. 

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Choose Sim only

If you are happy with the phone handset that you have and are out of contract, then choosing a SIM only contract can be a good way to save money. You won’t get a new phone, of course, but you will be saving a heap as SIM only deals, as you’ll see on sites like Half Cooked, are pretty cheap. They have rolling contracts, so you’re free to leave pretty much whenever you want, as long as there is a month’s notice. For something even cheaper, you could always choose a contract SIM only deal, with something like a twelve month contract. These are both good options if you have a handset that you like, or have one that can be bought up-front. If you use a lot of data, such as on a commute, for example, then it can be a good option for you. 

They do usually do a credit check, so that needs to be something to think about as well. If you don’t want to have a credit check, or think that you might fail, it, then choosing a pay-as-you-go SIM can be a good idea instead. There is no risk of you ever overpaying, as if there isn’t money on the phone, you won’t be able to use it. So that could be an alternative idea for SIM only.

If you want to buy a new handset, then it is not likely to be something that is ever classed as ‘cheap ‘. There are brand new models like the Apple and Samsung ones, but if you want to get one anyway, and you’re able to budget for it, then there are other ways to do it, so that you are actually able to save lots of money compared to the cost that comes with a standard contract. But before you look out for a new deal, then it is a good idea to make sure that you really ask yourself if having a new handset is something that you need. Here is a quick rundown. 

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Buying it outright and getting a Sim can be cheapest

If you want to do things in a straightforward way, then it is a good idea to buy the handset at the cheapest price that you can find. If you pair it with a cheap SIM only deal, then it could be cheaper than being tied into a two or three year contract paying a set amount each month, that will actually be overpaying. This can be something that could be much cheaper, as long as you do a bit of legwork to find out where the cheapest deal for a handset is. It can mean avoiding a credit check, but it also means that you’ll need to have some cash up-front. 

Another option could be looking into refurbished models as they can be a lot cheaper, though they might not be the top of the range. You are likely to not get the original packaging or all of the accessories, so that is just another consideration. 

Compare contract deals

For a lot of people, the only thing that you have done to get a new phone is to get a standard contract for a couple of years, with data, text, and call bundle all in the price that you pay. But these often come with a pretty big markup. So it can be one of the most expensive ways that you can buy a phone. Though the good news is that there is always a couple of ways to make the whole thing cheaper, and it doesn’t start with going directly to a network provider. There are reseller sites that you can use, and they can also be cheaper than going direct to a network. You will of course, still have the contract and network service by the main network, but it is just via a cheaper source. 

Buying without paying interest

If you are looking for a new phone but you can’t afford to be able to buy the handset in one go and up-front, then you will be better to save up for it. But if you need a phone for work or travel or have a broken phone that needs to be replaced, then instead of saving, you could pay a mobile network provider, though they do tend to have some inflated prices. But there are ways to get a smartphone sooner rather than later without paying any interest. For example, if you are looking for one of the newest iPhones, then iPhone payments is an interest-free finance scheme, meaning that you won’t be paying anything extra, which is a better way to do things.

However, the above is only going to work if you are looking for an iPhone model. But if you aren’t able to get to an Apple store, or you want to get a different model, like Samsung, for example, then you wouldn’t be able to use this option. If you want to buy your phone using a credit card that is 0% on spending, then it can be another way to spread the cost. If you did this and then paired it with a SIM only deal that is quite cheap, then it could be a cheap way to do it. Then in order to save money, it can be a good idea to cut the card up, so that you aren’t tempted to use it again. You need to make sure that you’re able to budget for it as well. Then it could be a cheaper way of doing things. 

Now is the time to check the contract that you have, and when it is time to cancel it. It will all add up if you don’t take care and cancel when it is time. So stop throwing your money away, and save yourself money when it comes to getting your next smartphone. Which option will work best for you? It would be great to hear what you think.

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