Tech-Based Presents That Will Get Your Giftee Outdoors

Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

Christmas shopping can be an uphill battle for some family members and friends. Every year, it’s the same. You find yourself wondering what you should get for your loved ones. Some people are great giftees. You know exactly what to buy for them. Maybe you know that your mother always loves perfume, for instance. Or maybe you know that one of your kids is happy with anything related to Star Wars. Still, there’s always at least one person who makes things difficult, whether they know it or not. If they’re a tech fanatic who already has everything, you might find it tough to get them the right gift. So, maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Perhaps you could get some technology that would serve as an incentive for your loved one to spend more time outside. With this idea in mind, these are some tech-based presents that will get your giftee outdoors.

A camping stove.

This first tech-related gift could encourage your loved one to go on a camping trip. The great outdoors is a beautiful place to explore, but it can be hard to convince tech-obsessed people of that fact. Luckily, manmade inventions have combined the great outdoors with technology. A great example would be this fantastic wood-burning camp stove, which has been discussed on the blog before. Burning wood is more sustainable than burning gas, but it isn’t necessarily easy if you take the natural approach. Nevertheless, technology can do all of it for you in the modern age, so you can encourage your loved one to try camping without worrying about leaving their creature comforts behind.

Obviously, given the time of year, they might want to wait until it’s a little warmer to go on their trip, but that’ll give them time to prepare. They could try out the stove in their garden to get used to it. They could heat up some water for their dinner and enjoy a nice toasty meal. And, if you use the BioLite stove discussed on this site before, you’ll get a built-in power bank with USB ports to allow charging of devices whilst dinner is cooking. That should appeal to your giftee.

A drone.

Maybe your friend or family member likes tech that serves an entertaining purpose. They might want more than a gadget that simply looks cool or performs a function. Perhaps a drone would be the perfect gift for that person. It’s a fancy toy for those who feel that they’re not allowed the remote-controlled planes and helicopters they had as children. And that’s a wonderful thing if it means more people get outdoors and experience the world. The beauty of drones is that they basically have to be used outside. Do a bit of research to find the right one for your friend or family member. If they’ve never flown a drone before, it’s better to get a model for beginners. They can upgrade to more advanced models as they gain experience.

You might want to check out Dronesvilla. This site posts information about everything to do with drones, so it could be a great place for you to begin your research. It could also be a great resource for your giftee. Once they get into the world of drones, they’ll want to keep doing research to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. They’ll also want to learn things about more advanced drones if they really get into flying them. If they’re already into drones and you’re just getting them an upgrade on the one that they own, then a drone-based blog would be a great resource for them to delve deeper into this hobby. As a result, they should spend more time outdoors.

A metal detector.

Perhaps you could opt for a present that’s a little more old-school. Whether your giftee is 5 or 50, a metal detector could be a wonderful tech-based gift to get them out into the real world. For a child, the prospect of going on an adventure to find hidden treasure is incredibly exciting. For an adult, the prospect of finding something valuable and making some money is incredibly exciting. So, this simple gadget could be an excellent present for a giftee or any age or any tech-based interest.

A hoverboard.

A hoverboard is another piece of tech that could be perfect for a loved one. Again, this is a gadget that would definitely get your giftee outside; it would be a little difficult to use a hoverboard inside, and it certainly wouldn’t be recommended. It might not be as good exercise as walking or cycling, but it could get a friend or a family member out and about. At the end of the day, of course, it’s just a fun present. You’ll probably want to have a few turns, even if you’re not massively into technology.

A solar-powered charger.

If your loved one’s excuse for spending too much time indoors is that they want to be able to use their tech, then you might argue that they could take their phone or their Nintendo Switch outside and continue using it. Maybe they’d retort that they’d just have to go back inside when their device runs out of battery, but you could prevent that excuse by getting them a solar-powered charger for Christmas. That way, not only will they have a spare battery pack to recharge their phone or portable device if they’re stuck outdoors, but they’ll also be able to recharge the charger itself using the power of the sun.

Your loved one could be stuck on a long camping trip (if they were to take the suggestion from the first point in this article), and they’d still be able to keep their device or devices fully charged. This is the perfect present for that friend or family member who always complains that they need to get home because their battery is getting low. Well, they won’t be able to use that excuse anymore. Just make sure they remember to recharge the charger itself during the day, whilst the sun is still out. Otherwise, they’ll be caught out if they run out of battery during the evening.

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