7 Best Tech Gifts for Him That You Can Also Enjoy

When buying presents for tech lovers, choosing the best option that’s not going to cost a small fortune can be quite hard, especially if you are not a gadget enthusiast. This list is going to help you find the best option for the technophile in your life, no matter if he is an active camper or a coffee obsessed, and the best thing is, you can enjoy them as well:  

For the music lover: Audio-Technica AT-LP60-BT Turntable

Technology has changed the way we listen to music and Bluetooth devices are the number one search for music lovers. Most vinyl lovers will agree that a turntable can sometimes be a pain to set up, but with the Audio-Technica Turntable, this is not an issue anymore, as it comes almost fully assembled in the box. It can be connected via wireless, Bluetooth and also AUX input, which means music can be played either directly on a sound system, by using the cord, or on Bluetooth headphones, up to 30 feet away. It falls in the affordable price range and the automated controls for record size and speed, designed to reduce the risk of record damage, make the device easy to use, without the worries of accidentally scratching the record.

For the neat freak: iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean house. The iRobot Roomba 690 can be easily controlled via the phone app that it comes with. The app is really intuitive, offering live information about the cleaning status and battery level and making it easy to program the device within a few seconds. To make cleaning even easier, it can be connected with several AI home assistants, like Alexa and Google Home. It has a charging period of around 3 hours and can clean for 1.5 hours before the battery runs out, which is enough time to get an average-size house spotless. The iRobot Vacuum has no trouble working its way around tight areas and is gentle enough to not knock over any piece of furniture or décor from its place, which makes it easy to be left unsupervised and bet the job done before anybody arrives home.

For the nature lover: BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

Every camper knows that burning wood is better than burning gas. The BioLite accommodates small twigs that fire up the fuel chamber and allows cooking dinner fast and eco-friendly right in front of your tent. The stove can heat up 17 oz of water in around 3.5 minutes and the blower fan makes it easy for the fire to ignite. And the best part is, it comes with a built-in USB charger that can charge any device while dinner is cooking. No need for other portable batteries or charging devices; just feed the BioLite some twigs and it will charge the device to 100% in no time. This makes the device environmental-friendly and helps you save space by not having to carry around other portable chargers that you would have otherwise had to remember to fully charge before leaving the house.

For the fitness junkie: JBL UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones

When buying sports headphones, comfort is as important as sound quality. There is nothing more annoying than the headphones falling out during extreme workout sessions. The JBS Sport Headphones come with a built-in button that fades down the music and activates the three built-in microphones to allow the user to hear the surroundings. The headphones have a firm clamp that prevents them from falling off the head during a workout and the thick padding adds to the comfort. The average battery life is around 16 hours and the Bluetooth connection ranges up to 33 feet. The package comes with a hard case the headphones can be carried in, an AUX cable and a micro USB charger.  

For the book enthusiast: Kindle Paperwhite

There is nothing like reading a good book by the side of the pool and the waterproof feature of the new Kindle Paperwhite makes it even more relaxing. The device comes two storage-size options, 8GB and 32GB and a battery life of 21 hours, which is perfect for reading around 400 pages before it needs to be plugged in. the new seamless screen really makes a difference from the previous model, bringing it closer to the luxury versions. Another great feature is the audiobook integration that can be synced with the e-book and lets you pick up where you left off in either format.

For the coffee lover: Smarter Coffee (2nd Generation)

Is there any better feeling than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee? Any coffee enthusiast will tell you the answer is a strong “No!”. The 2nd generation Smarter Coffee comes with an iOS and Android compatible app that allows you to set up 4 coffee schedules throughout the week. You can also just remotely start the coffee machine through a Wi-Fi connection and have the coffee ready when you enter the kitchen. It comes with various coffee strength options and also a grinder setting to customize how fine the coffee grounds end up. It can also be connected with an AI house assistant and has a maximum capacity of 12 coffee cups.

P.S.: It works wonders with the Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker that you can find on WTFGadgets.com.

For the early birds: Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Waking up with the sun gently touching your face and birds chirping may seem like a fantasy for lazy Sunday mornings, but not anymore. The Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock comes in various options, with various price ranges to fit every pocket. It has a built-in light bulb that simulates the sunrise, to peacefully wake you up every morning. If you fear that the light won’t be enough to get you out of bed, the clock also has a variety of sounds that you can pick from, from nature sounds to chimes and even an FM radio option.

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