Poweriser – White Men Can Jump

The Poweriser is a simple innovative device which provides an opportunity to exercise and have a lot of fun in the process. Jumping up to 2-meters (7-feet) in the air as well as taking huge 3-meters (10-feet) strides could be an extreme sport or just a good workout. For the price of around $330 both children and adults can enjoy this unique exercise.

The Poweriser is constructed out of specially configured curved springs that are attached to its base. The springs are controlled by deformation, so that even though one is basically walking on springs, the movement remains straight relative to the ground.

The pressure of the user’s weight on the springs creates the energy that allows the user to jump 2-meters up in the air. The natural force point movement in the heels gains an additional energy and flexibility giving the wearer optimal jumping energy.

The Poweriser is available in two models, one suitable for adults and the other for children. As in any other sport, preparation and a lot of practice are required in order to master it. Just like a baby, one has to learn how to stand and walk with aid on the Powerisers. The next lesson is learning to walk unassisted, and the next lessons are running, jumping, and of course learning how to get up after a fall.

A video demonstrating the Poweriser is available here.
More information on the Poweriser can be found on the company’s Website.

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