360 – A New Way to Ride

Italian designer Francesco Sommacal has developed an innovative sports item that combines the different characteristics of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding. Named 360, this concept recreational vehicle was proclaimed winner at the 2007 Volvo Sportsdesign Competition, and may lead to the development of an exhilarating new sport.

The 360 is composed of two orbital wheels that are connected by flexible steel shafts. The distance between the two wheels can be adjusted to suit a person’s riding style. Unlike a standard skateboard, where the rider’s feet are placed on the board, the user places each foot inside the inner part of each wheel.

One maneuvers the 360 quite intuitively by simple body movements. In addition, it is possible to ride the 360 on various types of terrains, including grassland and dirt tracks. The 360 is equipped with a speed regulating system, allowing the user to ride it downhill in a manner dubbed “Freeride”. Another possible use is to “Freestyle” by attempting different moves and tricks.

TFOT has covered other novel sport items’ concepts such as the Poweriser, which allows one to jump up to 2-meters (7-feet) in the air, as well as take huge, 3-meters (10-feet) strides, and the Wheelsurf, a single-wheeled ride-inside vehicle that can be used as a personal recreation vehicle, allowing riders to enjoy a new sport. TFOT also reported on the Airboard, an innovative personal hovering scooter, which uses an air cushion to glide above a variety of surfaces.

More information on the 360 can be found here.

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