Acabion Supercar

In a world filled with ultra modern supercars the Acabion GTBO concept car still stands out of the crowd. With a theoretical top speed of over 600 km/h (limited to about 450 km/h), a 550 or 700 horsepower main turbo engine, and an additional electric engine capable of up to 40 kilometers per liter (95 mpg), this two-seater seems destined to become a living legend.

Brainchild of car designer Peter Maskus who worked for Porsche, BMW, Toyota and Mercedes, the Acabion GTBO is a supercar like no other in the world. While most conventional modern supercars weigh over 1.3 tons (3000 lbs), the dolphin-shaped Acabion GTBO weighs only 360 kg (less than 800 lbs). This difference in weight together with its highly aerodynamic shape and 1,400cc, 4cyl modified Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine (producing either 550 or 700 hp) allows the Acabion to reach mind boggling speed and acceleration rates (0-360 km/h or 0-224mph in 20 seconds).

In many respects the Acabion is more a closed superbike than a supercar. The sleek and thin design, motorcycle engine and tires and in-line seating arrangement all point to a motorcycle. It does however have two smaller wheels on hydraulic arms that stay up at higher speeds but can be lowered onto the road to aid stability while traveling more slowly or if balance is lost. Although the Acabion is a concept car, a prototype of the vehicle already achieved a speed of 360 km/h (224mph), not far from the world record holder for production supercar – the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 – which reached a top speed of 407 km/h (253 mph).

Potential buyers of the Acabion will have to wait a while before the car undergoes commercial production and even then the company claims it will only produce 26 hand-built Acabions over the next four years. These supercars will have a frightening price tag starting at a $1.6 million, a price which happens to include a 26-speaker sound system worth $260,000.

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More information on the Acabion GTBO can be found on the company’s website including images and videos of the current prototype.
Image: Acabion GTBO and its inventor Peter Maskus (Credit: Acabion).

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