PIAGGIO MP3 Three Wheeler

Another day, another revolutionary motorbike.

After the folding motorbike, the innovative EV-X7 Electric Motorbike, and the luxurious two-seater T-Rex, comes this little Italian beauty by the same company that invented the original "Vespa" in 1946. The PIAGGIO MP3 has two front tilting wheels for an up to 40 degree tilt while providing more road grip, stability, and ultimately safety. The MP3 also requires far less braking distance than any commercial scooter – according to the manufacturer, its three-disk braking system and exceptional front-end road-holding ability reduce braking distance by as much as 20% compared to other scooters and allows for easy braking on a wet road – a difficult mission for existing motorcycles.

Testers of the PIAGGIO MP3 report that it’s nearly impossible for the bike to fall over. Its unique electro-hydraulic front suspension locking system keeps the vehicle upright without the use of its central stand. To park without the stand, a handlebar switch activates the system that stops the tilt mechanism. Its compact super-scooter size, easy parking and good gas mileage, exceptional maneuverability and handling, unprecedented tilt angle, and safety features, not to mention built-in storage and winterizing options, make the PIAGGIO MP3 an ideal bike for navigating both town traffic and high speed roads including some off-road conditions.

More information on the MP3 from the PIAGGIO website.

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