Yamaha Tesseract Quad-Bike

The Yamaha Tesseract is a hybrid quad-bike with a powerful V-twin engine and an electric motor. The new vehicle enables riders to enjoy better grip on the road without the tradeoff of bulkiness, thanks to new technologies and sophisticated design. Furthermore, the bike’s gas consumption is expected to be more efficient due to the ecological hybrid motor.

Yamaha Motors has presented a new “concept-bike” that is suitable for both road-travel and land cruising. It is equipped with dual-scythe’ suspension, which allows the vehicle to lean like a regular two-wheeled bike. Therefore, despite being cumbersome-looking and heavier than regular motorcycles, riders will be able to maneuver easily. However, unlike regular motorcycles, while stationary the Tesseract is kept upright due to the extra pair of wheels and a dual arm-lock system.

The new Tesseract is innovative not only in technology but also in design. Its semi-open wheel covers, exposed suspension mechanisms and linkages, chiseled styling and praying mantis stance create quite a fashionable, unorthodox, unique vehicle.

Although the Tesseract has four wheels, it is still categorized as a motorbike. Yamaha claims that the vehicle is about the same width as a standard motorcycle, which means that lane-splitting could still be achieved and parking shouldn’t be more difficult than with usual dual-wheel motorcycles. The Tesseract will probably not be mass produced, as the intention is to display it in the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. For the same reason a price was not named.

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