Folding Motorbike

Here is an interesting solution that might help alleviate some of the congestion problems so common to modern cities. This foldable motorbike is not a new invention. According to Di Blasi, the American company producing these little cuties, the model has been around for almost ten years now.

This collapsable motorbike weighs in at less then 30 kg (64 pounds) and can fold to fit into a bag measuring 73 cm (L) by 53 cm (H) by 30 cm (W), i.e., less than 5 cubic feet, or into the trunk of any standard car. Using its 1.3 – 3800 rpm engine, it can reach speeds of 50 kph (about 30 mph) and according to Di Blasi, gets up to 130 miles per gallon (though its fuel tank holds only 3/4 of a gallon).

The nifty foldable motorbike, individually assembled in the U.S., is available for some $2000, not an unreasonable price for boaters who want to tool around an island or for commuters who wish to avoid nasty traffic jams inside the city and still get to their suburban homes by car.

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