One – Collapsible Bike

The British product designer Thomas Owen created “One” – an innovative concept for a collapsible bike which can easily be stored in the trunk of a car, opened and be used. “One” is also very light, allowing it to be carried from place to place very much like a large handbag.

“One” is by far not the first collapsible two wheel design the world has ever seen. The American company Di Blasi has been producing collapsible motorbikes for many years now. Di Blasi $2000 cutie has a 1.3 liter / 3800 rpm engine and can reach speeds of 50 kph (about 30 mph) and has a range of about 100 miles.

TFOT recently covered a variety of unique vehicles including the EV-X7 Electric Motorbike, the luxurious T-Rex two-seater, the PIAGGIO MP3 three wheeler and maybe the most revolutionary of all – the Bombardier EMBRIO one wheeler.
More pictures of the “One” could be found on Thomas Owen’s website.

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