LiV Rush – All Electric Sports Car

EV Innovations, a Las Vegas manufacturer of plug-in, battery powered vehicles, has developed the LiV Rush, an all-electric lithium battery powered sports car capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds. The LiV Rush is able to travel over 150 miles without recharging and is capable of reaching speeds up to 110 mph. With zero emissions, quick acceleration, and edgy design appeal, combined with the capability for 2500+ recharges of its battery, the LiV Rush is a high performance, green option.
EV Innovation (EVI) states that in the all-electric LiV Rush high energy density and light weight rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are used. Recharging the battery is as simple as hooking up to a household electric outlet. Battery powered electric vehicles (EVs) are by far the most efficient vehicles in the world, and according to the Department of Energy, with enough excess generating capacity exists at night in the U.S. alone to charge 180 million EVs without adding any new capacity. EVI states that most people worldwide waste more electricity in their homes then they would use to drive their EV cars.
With a weight of 2,300 pounds, the LiV Rush has a top speed of 110 mph with acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds. On a single charge, the Rush is able to travel over 150 miles, which is still far lower than most conventional cars but could be enough for many rides inside cities. The re-chargeable lithium battery has a life cycle of 2500+ full charges before needing to be replaced (well over 7 years of above average use). With actual full charge time at 8-10 hours, the Rush could be recharged overnight via any common outlet (110-120V or 220-240V), although charging it at a gas station is hardly an option.
The LiV Electric “engine” is a 3-phase brushless A/C motor with a 78 kW peak. It is mounted mid-cabin with the controller placed for handling and safety. LiV’s batteries are 10 maintenance free lithium ion packs weighing a total of 640 pounds; they include Hybrid Technologies’ proprietary battery management system and heater.
The chassis of the LiV offers four wheel disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, and coil over shock suspension. An advanced LCD touch screen provides vehicle operating information for the driver. The data provided includes miles remaining until the next recharge, power consumption, each individual cell’s level of charge, the battery temperature, drive time, distance traveled, and average speed.
LiV Rush is basically maintenance free. There is no need for engine tune-ups, oil, or filter changes; LiV Rush has less than 1/10th as many parts as a gasoline powered car – it has no engine, transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tank, tailpipe, distributor, starter, clutch, muffler, or catalytic converter. With several companies in production of all electric and hybrid cars, consumers have the option of purchasing from a growing variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to meet their needs. EV Innovations offers nine models in their line of all-electric cars, scooters, and 4-wheel drive vehicles, all with LiV in their title. The line up includes the LiV Rush, Dash, Wise, Surge, Flash, Ryder, Cobra, Cruz, and Bulldog. The LiV Rush is currently their only sports car design venture.

The history of the electric car is not a recent development or invention. Prior to World War II, there were nearly 300 electric car manufacturers in the U.S. By the mid-1920’s most of these car companies had gone out of business with the advent of cheap convenient fossil fuels to power the large heavy cars of that time period. During the 1970’s the oil crisis brought a revived interest in electric vehicles; however, manufacturing was not able to produce a fast, attractive EV with functional driving ranges. In addition, the cost to replace the battery pack was prohibitive.

Continued technological advances and growing concerns about the environment have combined to put electric vehicles in today’s automotive spotlight as the world’s focus progressively moves toward green energy. The Rush all-electric is one such option which is available for purchase for $100,000 right now.

TFOT has covered several stories on the development of electric vehicles, including the Tesla Roadster, a sports car capable of going from 0 to 60 in just fewer than 4 seconds, or the Shelby which can reach 60 mph in an amazing 2.5 seconds. Additional stories covering electric and hybrid cars include the Twill, a personal 2-wheel car and the Chevrolet Volt, which has an anticipated production and release planned for 2010.

For more information on the Rush visit EV Innovations’ website.

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