Shelby Ultimate Aero Electric Car

Shelby Super Cars (SSC) – a Washington-based manufacturer of high-end sports cars, has recently released the details of its “All-Electric Scalable Powertrain” (AESP) technology, which the company says will be incorporated into their flagship Ultimate Aero (UA) vehicle. The UA is said to be the “world’s fastest production car,” and according to SSC, is the “perfect high visibility outlet to demonstrate the capabilities of its new Green Powertrain.”
SSC engineers say the UA electric vehicle will prove that electric-powered vehicles are able to not only match but also provide more linear power (electric motors have 100% torque at 0 RPM) and better overall performance than internal combustion cars. The new model, which utilizes a twin motor AESP producing an overwhelming 1,000 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque, is capable of reaching 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and peaking at a speed of 208 mph. Moreover, the UA is integrated with the company’s proprietary “Charge on the Run” on-board charging system, which, according to SSC, enables the vehicle to cover 150-200 miles after a single 10-minute charge on a 220V service.
While only a few specification details are currently available, the company did reveal that UA three-speed automatic gearbox, which transfers the Ultimate Aero EV’s power to its wheels, will be able to achieve electronically controlled shift times of 0.24 seconds. Furthermore, SSC said the entire AESP is liquid cooled, allowing it to run for extended periods of time at peak performance with no overheating issues.
SSC’s original Ultimate Aero TT, upon which the new model is based, was created over the course of seven years. Powered by a twin turbo motor producing 1,183 hp and 1094 lb-ft of torque, the vehicle was shown to skyrocket to 60 mph in 2.78 seconds, arriving at a full stop at this speed after 103 feet. The supercar is comprised solely of carbon fiber composite – its body, minus the doors, hood, and trunk, weighs a mere 131 lb, which, according to SSC engineers, enables it to “slip through the air at high speeds while producing precisely enough downforce to keep it planted on the pavement.” “NASA’s wind tunnel at Langley Virginia not only showed the Ultimate Aero TT stable at speeds in excess of 250 mph, but capable of speeds up to 273 mph,” they added.
The company says its green division plans to provide packaged solutions of the AESP powertrain to a wide variety of applications. “AESP’s main feature is its scalability. The all-electric SUV or delivery truck is now a reality in the not-so-distant future. The technology is scalable from 200 horsepower for economy and midsize cars to 500 horsepower for light trucks and SUVs, and up to 1200 horsepower for delivery trucks, heavy duty equipment, buses, and military vehicles,” states the company’s press release.
SSC expects to roll out its first full-scale, pre-production Ultimate Aero EV towards the second quarter of 2009, making first deliveries as early as the end of this year. The company’s ultimate goal is to have their vehicle recognized as the “world’s fastest production electric car.” SSC also announced its plans to conduct a live media event at one of America’s super-speedways, where the company says it will demonstrate the new sports car’s speed and recharge capabilities.
TFOT has recently covered a number of innovative vehicles, such as Toyota’s planned redesign of their highly successful hybrid Prius automobile, which will include solar panels on its roof, Honda’s upcoming FC sport model, which utilizes green construction techniques and existing V Flow fuel cell technology in addition to being hydrogen-powered. Another electric car which is currently in advanced development phases is the Aptera 2e, which should enter production later this year.
More information on Shelby’s Ultimate Aero EV can be found at the company’s official website.

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