Vue Personal Video Network

Avaak has developed a wireless multi-camera system called the Vue Personal Video Network. The Vue is designed for home monitoring, but may garner interest in the business world as well. For home use, two wireless remote cameras using mesh technology give a working range of up to 900 feet from the hub. For business use, you can connect up to 50 remote cameras using a mesh network.

Vue is a network of small, battery-powered wireless cameras with “peel and stick” magnetic mounts that allow them to be placed anywhere without the need for wires or other hardware. The Vue system includes a base station that is connected into a home router. The cameras operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, which is a proprietary mesh protocol with a 300-foot range indoors. The mesh technology allows users to extend the range of the network to 900 feet by stringing together a network of cameras – this distance is sufficient for most home monitoring needs.

The personal video system uses ultra-low power wireless network technology to maximize battery life. Each Vue camera uses a standard lithium CR123 internal battery providing enough power to transmit an estimated one million images, or approximately 10 minutes of video a day for a year.

To watch feeds from any installed camera, a user logs onto a private online account previously set up with VueZone. The online account, with 2GB of storage, lets the user access and manage feeds from every camera via any computer or flash-enabled cell phone. The images can be recorded, shared with family and friends as a live video event, or uploaded to sites such as Flickr and YouTube. The system is browser based, although Vue currently only supports IE 7.0.

The Vue Personal Video Network is designed for home monitoring, like cameras from Panasonic, Logitech, Linksys, and DLink. The difference, however, is that the Vue can be up and running in minutes, without the installation of software, hardware, or hanging wires to set up the system.

As a point of note, use of the Vue system is designed for monitoring, not as a security system. There is no motion detector or auditory sensor with the Vue system. The system can be set to take still images or live video at specific times during the day, but it will not alert the user to movement within the camera’s view. In addition, a low-light setting can be used to enhance the image in darkened environments; however, Vue cameras are not night vision cameras, and need a light from a 40-watt bulb or higher to get quality pictures.

The Vue, which will retail for $299, includes: (2) wireless Vue cameras, (4) peel and stick camera mounts, (1) wireless Vue gateway hub (which plugs into router or cable/DSL modem), (2) CR123 photo batteries, (1) 3′ Ethernet cable and (1) Vue gateway AC power adapter. Each additional camera costs $99. The system is in pre-order status and will be available early this summer.

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More information on Avaak’s Vue Personal Video Network can be found on the company’s website.

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