The Rotating Dubai Tower

The Italian-Israeli architect David Fisher recently suggested a new 68-story / 313 meters (1,027 feet) combination hotel, apartment and office tower where the floors would rotate 360 degrees. Each floor in the tower would be shaped like a doughnut and be attached to a core housing the elevators and staircase.

Dubai is in the midst of a fierce skyscraper race and height is no longer enough to make a building stand out. A single rotation would take around 90 minutes which translates into four degrees a minute – a relatively slow speed which should not be felt too much by the occupants.  

The architectural plans show that wind turbines are going to be placed in gaps between the doughnuts shaped floors in order to generate electricity. Actually one of the biggest obstacles will be to connect electricity and pluming infrastructure to a continuously spinning building. 

It is still unclear whether the spinning building will ever go beyond the planning stage, but if this building will ever be built Dubai is surly one of the most likely candidates. More information can be found on the ameinfo website.

Image: rotating building illustration (credit: corriere.it).

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