Swift Wind Turbine

Developed by Renewable Devices in Scotland, the Swift Wind Turbine is the first quiet rooftop turbine that generates electricity by harnessing the power of the wind as a cost effective energy source for home, commercial, and industrial applications. The Swift generates an of average of 1,680 watts of immediate power, and can produce up to 20% of a home’s electricity with only 12 mph wind speeds. Designed to be environmentally sustainable, the Swift produces more energy in its lifetime of use than is incorporated in the material and processes used to manufacture it.


Swift is different from other available rooftop mount wind turbines because of how quietly it performs. Traditional wind turbines generate some noise as the wind travels the length of the blade as well as transmitting unwanted vibration to the building or structure where it is mounted. Swift has been designed with an outer ring, which acts as a diffuser; as wind travels down the blades, it is dispersed along the outer ring, eliminating the noise and keeping the turbine quiet. While there is some noise, it is measured at less than 35 decibels (dB) for all wind speeds. In comparison, a whisper is between 15-25dB, normal home or background noises are measured at 40-60dB, and normal speech is measured at 65-70dB.

Swift will be manufactured by the Michigan based Company Cascade Engineerings and will generate about 2000 kWh annual power in a good wind location. This figure translates into about 20% of an average home power use. When using multiple units an even larger percentage of energy can be produced. Since these units are roof mounted, commercial and industrial buildings can accommodate numerous rows of these wind turbines as an alternate energy source. Installation of a wind turbine not only reduces the amount of electricity used from conventional means, it also reduces carbon emissions and lowers the electric bill.

The Swift is relatively small, with a ring/blade diameter of only 7-feet. Installation requires a clearance of only 2-feet from the roofline, keeping the unit low profile. The size, along with the quietness of energy production, enables the turbine to be used effectively in both urban and suburban settings. Another factor, which may encourage use of a wind turbine for community or business use in the U.S., is a 30% federal tax credit – the credit is 30 percent off the total project including installation costs, whether it is for one turbine or ten.

Swift is grid connected, with utilization of the electricity generated by the turbine before supplementation from the traditional electric supply. Electric power produced is 240VAC, with 60Hz output voltage. The rated power output is 1.5W @ 14 m/s. The annual power supplied by one Swift is up to 2000 kWh with at least 12 mph wind supply. The manufacturer does provide a “wind estimator” on their website where potential users can determine if the wind turbine will work effectively at their location. Use of an anemometer or securing a detailed wind energy study will give more specific data for the proposed site.

Swift has an estimated installed cost of about $10,000 – $12,000. There is the option to purchase the kit and “do it yourself” for around $8,500. The manufacturer states, “depending on the installed price, cost of electricity, average wind speed, and rebates available, the Swift Wind Turbine can pay for itself in as little as 3 years.” However, for most users a substantially longer time period will be required..

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For more information on the Swift wind turbine, you can visit this website.

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