The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Turbines

Ah, wind turbines. It seems that we can’t quite make up our mind about these devices, which take the earth’s wind and turn it into energy. The public, overall, seem to be on board with wind turbines, but if that’s the case, then why aren’t they popping up all over the place? It appears that the policymakers are divided over the issue! Below, we take a look at some the pros and cons of this type of technology.



They Do Not Cause Pollution

As humans look for ways to get off fossil fuels without radically damaging their standard of living, wind turbines provide some relief. The biggest draw, of course, is that they do not cause pollution. It takes something that is happening anyway (the wind, as opposed to oil, which was sitting nicely in the ground and needs to be extracted), and turns into electricity. This means that there are no worrying long-term figures attached to wind turbines, as they are to coal and gas; their carbon footprint is so small that they get could run for thousands of years and have no impact.


It’s a Threat to Wildlife

One of the reasons many are so eager to get off fossil fuels is because of the damage that they’re doing to the planet. And in changing the planet, we’re putting many animals at risk – indeed, we’ve already made some wildlife disappear forever due to our actions. Wind turbines are not blameless in this regard. They’re placed in nature and can be a threat to migrating birds. While the impact is much, much less when compared to a changing climate, it’s still a mark against this type of energy source.


They’re Relatively Easy To Construct

Perhaps one of the best things about wind turbines is that the process from beginning to end is relatively straightforward. The main obstacle is finding land away from urban areas that can support the structures, but that can usually be handled by a company like Helitech Civil Construction, who can make it so the ground can withstand the weight. Once that’s been taken care of, it’s just a matter of putting the wind turbines up, and waiting for the wind to start rolling on by. They’re also affordable, so there doesn’t have to be massive amounts of money set aside to get a wind farm up and running.


It Might Blight A Good View

Wind turbines need to be high off the ground, as this is where the wind is most active. While this is good from a practical point of view, it’s less suitable for people who enjoy views. Wind turbines will get in the way, which some people consider an eyesore. However, it’s worth noting that is renewable energy sources aren’t implemented soon, there may not be much of a view to enjoy in a few decades anyway.


It’s Not Forever

Finally, wind turbines aren’t forever. If a better source of energy is found, they can be taken down, with little damage to the environment.

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