A Checklist for Hiring a Qualified Flatbed Shipping Company

Flatbed shipping is a type of transportation used for loads that may not need an enclosure or cargo that does not match the standards or dimensions of a regular truck or can’t be loaded or unloaded from the dock. Cranes and forklifts are used to load the cargo from all angles. When shipping oversized or bulky goods, using an open trailer is an ideal option. Some of the advantages of flatbed shipping include:

  1. Flexibility 

Flatbed trailers are open. Therefore, loading is easy. These trailers are not fitted with boxy walls. This provides more space for packaging and loading bulky and heavy cargo. Enclosed trucks have limited space; hence, loading bulky loads can be tricky. However, a flatbed truck provides you unlimited freedom to load oversized and bulky goods. In addition, it is easy to offload goods when they reach their destination. Whether you’re transporting large machinery, building materials, and equipment, these goods can fit in a flatbed trailer. Flatbed transportation provides flexibility and a safe way to move large goods. If you are moving oddly shaped goods, this option offers great versatility. The loading and unloading will be simple and saves you time. 

  1. Convenience 

Flatbed trailers are very convenient. Compared to the enclosed trucks that require manual labor when loading, flatbeds use forklifts and cranes. Therefore, goods are packed carefully and safely. Consider the flatbed trucking solution if you have an upcoming big project. 

  1. Reduced trips

When you use flatbed shipping solutions, you significantly reduce the number of trips, helping you save on shipping costs. Flatbeds have increased loading space. Hence, you can load and transport lots of goods. This way, you reduce the hauling trips. This saves you time and fuel consumption expenses.

  1. Secured cargo

Hauling goods using flatbed trailers is more secure. When the cargo is loaded on the flatbed, a reputable trucking company uses chains, traps, or coil racks to secure it firmly. That way, the shipment won’t shift or move around during transportation, hence it will arrive safely at its destination. Also, there are no restrictions on the loading dock. Therefore, your heavy haul trucking company will deliver whether you want your cargo delivered to a residential, industrial, or construction site. 

Although there are many advantages to using a flatbed hauling, you have to find the best full truckload shipping company. Many companies provide flatbed shipping services, but they don’t offer similar services. Therefore, start by examining your needs, then identify the best company for this service.

 Below is a checklist to use when determining a reliable flatbed trucking company. Many companies depend on flatbed shipping agencies to transport different cargo, and regardless of the type, ensure you have a competent heavy haul trucking service provider. 

Start by writing a list of full truckload shipping companies in your area. Get referrals. Inquire from your friends, business associates, vehicle insurance companies, etc. Most people that have used a trucking company before can easily recommend a reliable expert in this field. Another alternative is to browse the internet. There are thousands of flatbed shipping companies that advertise their services online. This can make your selection process much easier because you can compare flatbed freight quote from multiple companies quickly and conveniently. Also, check how they are rated and include the best in your list. You can avoid companies with rundown fleets, employ inexperienced drivers or avoid agencies that operate without proper licensing, certification, and insurance. These are challenges that some customers faced in the past; therefore, do proper research and avoid being a victim. Reflect on the following:

  • Reputation¬†

If you want assurance that your cargo will reach its destination safely, then consider the reputation of your flatbed hauling service provider. Always read the online reviews and also others about a particular shipping company. 

  • Expertise

You must find an experienced and skilled flatbed transport company for exceptional service delivery. A company with many years in this industry has covered different areas and worked for other companies. Such a shipping company will have the necessary skills to handle your cargo efficiently and deliver it safely. 

  • Fleet

The trip is as good as the trailer used. A suitable flatbed shipping agency has a variety of quality trailers. However, the trailers must be in perfect condition and regularly maintained to keep them operational. Also, ensure the company has a team of qualified drivers and mechanics to repair the trucks and prevent sudden breakdowns that can delay your cargo shipment. 

  • Price¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

With multiple flatbed service providers available, you don’t have to pay exorbitantly to get your cargo shipped. Ask for flatbed freight quotes from different companies, then compare. Settle for a company that can provide quality services. However, you should not ask for oversize freight rates. 

  • Licensing and shipping

Your flatbed transport company should have a valid operating license. In addition, ensure they have proper insurance. Anyone can convince you to have these crucial documents. However, ask for proof. An authentic and reliable company has no problem producing them or providing you with references. 

In addition, consider the security provided by the flatbed trucking company. The best company installs cargo tracking services to trace the shipping process until your goods are delivered. However, reputable service experts will not ask for oversize freight rates, allowing you to have a smooth shipping process.

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