The Best Trucking Accounting Software for Owner Operators in 2019

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The standard accounting software can work for the needs of most industries. However, some industries including the trucking industry require more specialized accounting software solutions to be able to realize associated benefits.

Put in a simple manner, trucking companies require specialized accounting needs. Therefore, the truck software must not only possess the standard accounting features including general ledger and accounts payable/receivable but also have other specialized features. These specialized features may include supporting tracking of driver and vehicle and generate a trip report.

The advantage of using owner operator trucking accounting software is the ability to be able to undertake fleet-specific tasks including IFTA tax reporting, settlements, and load tracking.

How software affects the truck driver salary

Most truck owner-operators usually do not keep their business operation records and review their numbers. Lack of record keeping and reviewing often negatively affects the salary of a driver and eventually the health of the business. Having trucking software will help you to be able to exclude your personal and business expenses from the tracking business.

The money that you are paid for the service rendered does not all belong to you. You must pay business expenses and set aside some cash for taxes, repairs etc.

Trucking software can help you determine your monthly earnings. If the trucking business is not profitable then you have to implement the necessary changes. Do you want to know how much does an owner-operator truck driver make? Truckzeal.com gives you a perfect answer.

Best Trucking Software for Owner Operators

TruckBytes Trucking Accounting Software

Looking at the features offered by TruckBytes, you will understand why it is rated to be one of the best software for owner operator. The software is perfect for owner-operators who are either just starting out or are veterans. The software is available for your use in free and paid versions. Moreover, this program for self-employed truckers offers the ability for you to be able to keep records in a simplified manner.

While the software does not yet support the function for payroll, it still offers numerous other basic accounting functions for truckers like profit/loss statements, monitor IFTA compliance, trip reports, and invoicing.


This is a market leader when it comes to choosing the best accounting software according to most online reviews. There is a QuickBooks cloud-based version, redesigned in 2013, which enables you to easily use or access it using your tablet or smartphone.

With this software, it is possible for all of your finances and account information to be synced across your different devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android. This application also provides real-time trucking business receivables, cash flow, and payables. Also, the app helps in preparation of your tax data required for tax time.

Service subscription is available for small companies or businesses and for an individual trucking contractor. It is important to note that other accounting software can be integrated with QuickBooks or other software for accounting.

RAMA Logistics Software

This bookkeeping software is perfect for you if you operate a small trucking enterprise. The monthly subscription for this service is affordably priced. Users are allowed to input their logistics information into the interface with non-essential features. The information is then able to be transferred to QuickBooks Online to enable easy accounting.

The software for truck drivers supports calculation by weight, piece, miles, or flat rate. This affords you true flexibility since you are better positioned to support customers of different types and to grow your trucking business.

Truckn Pro

This desktop accounting software for trucking offers basic features like payroll and truck management features such as trip planners and vehicle maintenance logs. This affordable app is available in three editions which are basic, owner-operator and small fleet edition. Every user pays a one-time fee that includes free tech support and future software upgrades.

The owner-operator edition will do the job in our case as it has all the required truck management features and the required accounting services or functionality required to operate the business.


This online software is available in 4 different packages meant for a trucking company that operates from 1 to 5 trucks. The basic package of the software covers costs and profits without specifics on customers and loads.

The small feet package of the software allows you to track loads, perform invoicing, coordinate multiple trucks and prepare IFTA taxes. The software is available in a free 30-day trial.

In conclusion, for owner-operators, the apps or programs provided here will enable you to stay planned and organized while you are on the road. The proper use of accounting software is the only way for you to produce records and reports that are reliable to improve your salary and your business profitability.

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