A Beginner’s Guide to Bagged Rock Salt

Home and automobile owners contend with slick driveways and walking paths due to ice and snow during and after winter. Aside from sweeping snow and ice off tracks to keep them clear, holding rock salt bags in your garage is quite helpful. This enables you to apply something that can melt ice and snow on walkways while improving traction to prevent accidents. Even before the winter months arrive, it’s a good idea to have ice-melting materials on hand.

What exactly is Rock Salt?

Rock salt is created from sodium chloride products that have been crushed and filtered to meet de-icing salt requirements. The size and color of the particles will vary, ranging from white to grey. Although rock salt is a beautiful de-icing treatment for solid surfaces, it is crucial to remember that if not applied correctly, it can harm concrete. 

Only use as much rock salt as ne