Setting Up a Preventive Maintenance Plan for Your Business – Why Is It Important?

As per a recent study from a firm, it was found that an average preventive maintenance leads to 545% ROI. With such return on investment, you just can’t afford to not have a preventive maintenance plan for your company. A preventive maintenance plan will let you maintain your company assets, repair them on time and replace the parts whenever they are necessary and required. This will ensure a smooth running of your equipment and will also prevent failure of pieces of equipment and pieces of machinery. Preventive maintenance prolongs and improves the life of your machinery and reduces maintenance costs.

With so many obvious and potential benefits of maintenance management, do you think you should stay away from it? But despite knowing all this, there are many firms which never engage themselves in managing maintenance because they don’t know how to go about the process. Read on to know more on this.

Implementing an appropriate preventive maintenance plan – Few steps


  • The perfect people should be brought on board


Before you look forward to organizing a plan for preventive maintenance, you require employing the best people so that they can help you realize the dream. Make sure you hire maintenance managers, technicians for maintenance and other staffs who know the way in which a specific system operates.


  • Set realistic goals


By using the input of your task force, make sure you set the right goals for achieving the system. Start by training the task force regarding computer skills which they require for maintaining the preventive maintenance plan.


  • Make the right decisions


What is the status of each of the equipment that you have in your organization? Is it going to operate as per the specifications of the manufacturers? Is this going to be a high priority asset? Keep in mind that there is no system which can run at 100% capacity and you have to compare the performance of the system.


  • Inventory the assets and equipment


Take a close look at the inventory and facility which you’re using including the maintenance management plan. Make a clean list of the assets for which you’re liable and nowadays with the gaining momentum of mobile CMMS, everything is possible through your smartphone.


  • Keep training people


If you don’t keep training your employees simultaneously, no matter what amount of careful planning you put in, you won’t be able to receive the best results. Speak with the machine operators; show them the right procedure and the adjustments which need to be made. Train them so that they can also take good care of your equipment and machinery.

Reasons to invest in a preventive maintenance plan

Do you need to be convinced more about the reasons why you should engage in proactive preventive maintenance approach? Here are a few reasons.

  • Saves your dollars: Equipment failure can cause downtime which can cost you a fortune in the form of lost revenue and repair expenses. Having a preventive maintenance plan will let you save those dollars.
  • Improves efficiency: Regular maintenance of equipment will improve operations and hence you can run at the best efficiency. As per CMMS software company, a majority of the maintenance companies operate at just 10-40% efficiency and they spend 50% of their time on emergency issues.
  • Reduces costs of maintenance: It is said that reactive maintenance is more expensive than preventive maintenance. You can schedule maintenance so that you can reduce breakdown and make for easier repairs.

Therefore, whenever you are thinking of whether or not you should invest in the preventive maintenance plan, you should take into account the above-mentioned points.

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