Why Businesses Invest In Pipe Bending Equipment And 5 Buying Mistakes They Should Avoid

In case you are in the business of working with pipes, you already understand the importance of possessing a top-quality pipe bending equipment. Pipes don’t come straight all the time and often need to be bent to fit around corners and in various curved spacings. Having the adequate pipe bending machinery by your side can definitely make the piping systems you sell better and more competitive. 

The equipment can prevent a range of frequent problems for the end customer like leaks, pipe weakness, and breakdowns of the piping system. A premium quality pipe bending equipment will help your business in numerous ways, including selling bigger quantities of your products and making your pipes last longer than those sold by your biggest competitors.

Pipe bending equipment is proven to be a fantastic investment. Nevertheless, when choosing one, first, you will have to conduct an extensive research of the market to find exactly what you need. And even though an initial internet research is a good starting point, you might quickly realize that the number of pipe bending equipment options can be overwhelming. It’s best to consult with an experienced and professional pipe bending machines manufacturer to get the much-needed purchasing advice specifically for your needs and make the right choice. You can also consider a pipe bender hire if you have a short-term project or are on a budget. 

The following article will cover the top reasons why businesses invest in pipe bending equipment. How this type of machinery can benefit your business and the five mistakes you should avoid when buying one. Let’s dive into the world of pipe bending machinery!

Top Benefits Of Pipe Bending Equipment 

In the past decade, businesses started to feel the growing pressure from high costs and the overall difficulty of outsourcing various pipe bending operations. The need for higher quality pipe bends, the rising expenses of the procedure, and the long lead time needed to outsource, have all made investing in high-performance pipe bending machinery the smartest move to ensure that the end customer stays unaffected. Here are a couple of the top benefits that pipe bending equipment can bring to businesses. 

Pipe Bending Machines Increase Production Control 

It’s nothing new that every pipe business owner dreams of completely controlling the production in-house without the need to outsource various duties to third party collaborators. Adopting this machinery allows businesses to become more relevant players on the ever-growing market while gaining total control of their project timelines. 

Not only do pipe bending machines make bending duties much more accessible and hassle-free, but they also save tons of money for the businesses that utilize them in the form of bulk piping purchases. Acquiring such equipment allows every business to make bulk purchases of pipes for lower wholesale costs than small piping purchases.

Pipe Bending Equipment Will Maximize The Return On Investment 

By far, the best reason for a business to invest in pipe bending machinery and equipment is the remarkable return on investment they can anticipate from the purchase. First of all, implementing an in-house pipe bending machinery will either decrease or eliminate the expenses and nuisances of outsourcing the operations to third-party companies. Besides, with the implementation of pipe bending machinery, businesses gain a brand new and exciting source of additional revenue through tackling bending projects for other companies. 

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5 Buying Mistakes That Every Pipe Bending Equipment Buyer Should Avoid 

The pipe bending equipment is a significant investment for businesses of all sizes. Whether your company works in the automotive, aerospace, hydraulic, medical manufacturing, or any other industry, the bend’s quality will define the quality of the service that your company can deliver. Regardless, buying mistakes are often made. Here are the five most risky mistakes that every potential buyer should know and avoid.

Avoid Buying A Pipe Bending Machine Based On The Price Rather Than Type

Budgets are essential in the manufacturing industry. Still, they are just one of the many important aspects when selecting a pipe bending machine and equipment. When the price factor is allowed to dominate in the decision-making process, the result is typically a low-cost, underpowered bending machine that ends up being a money pit due to inadequate work and lost clients. 

When buying a pipe bender, the right strategy is to start by outlining the size and shape of the parts that you need to bend and work backward to calculate the budget you need for an appropriate machine.

Don’t Buy A Machine To Bend At Capacity 

Paying for a machine to bend a pipe at its maximum capacity can also cause trouble. This happens when the operator doesn’t take into account the need for variable tolerance. The variance in tolerances between various steel grades is considerable, so the smart move is to invest in a machine that will give you a 10-20% leeway. That means that the pipe bending machine is hardly forced to work to capacity, and offers the potential of extending the performance range.

Never Go For A Fully-Manual Pipe Bending Machine That Requires High-Intensity Labor 

Don’t purchase labor-intensive equipment because its manual settings can result in additional costs. The time spent to modify the machine for the length, angle of bends, and rotational positioning can quickly add up. Tend to get a machine that utilizes technology and automation to free up some valuable minutes of your staff. 

You Should Never Buy A Machine Without Having An Appropriate Back-Up Training First

Pipe bending demands in-depth knowledge of the machine before you dive into the actual process of bending the tubes. Training is, consequently, vital to successful engineering. Buy your equipment from a company that provides operator training, 24/7 support, and back up to optimize pipe bending’s efficiency and productivity within your company.

Don’t Assume That The Machine Has All Of The Answers 

Modern day’s fully-automated pipe bending machines come with extraordinary precision capabilities. Still, have in mind that even older hydraulic machines can be updated with advanced software and bring them up to a comparable specification to new fully-automated models. Weigh up the costs and benefits of modernizing an old model before investing in a new machine.

Final Thoughts 

If your work line is in the metalworking industry, and you frequently find your business outsourcing pipe bending services, you probably found this article as a worthwhile read. We’ve made our case on why businesses should invest in and benefit from pipe bending equipment, and the five mistakes you should avoid when purchasing a pipe bending machine. It’s your turn to react, cut the outsourcing costs, and run an even more successful business. 

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