4 Digital Marketing Errors to Avoid this Quarter

The internet has opened up a whole host of new possibilities for professionals in every industry –– including marketing. However, with the advent of new technologies also comes the risk of making new mistakes. Given the glut of fresh marketing techniques, platforms, and client needs, it’s actually to be expected for marketers to experience some growing pains in this new digital age. Fortunately, you can skip the pain and gain the valuable lessons all the same by examining these four common marketing mistakes:

Keyword Conundrums

At this point, it seems almost everyone is confused about how to handle keywords in marketing content. How many keywords are too many? Should I even include keywords at all? What’s the worst that could happen if I misuse keywords? The simple answer: use keywords in moderation. Much like adding a potent spice to a deliciously cooked meal, keywords can add an extra kick to your posts and articles. But too many keywords (that is, keyword-stuffing) will instead hurt your website visibility.

Social Media Flubs

All sorts of businesses are utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to bolster their reach and increase their customer base. However, if you’re not careful, posting on social media can prove catastrophic. Make sure to avoid controversial topics and always proofread the content on your page thoroughly.

PPC Problems

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the best ways to improve your sales numbers –– provided you know how to use it properly. PPC ads that are misleading or that promise something they don’t deliver will likely hurt your conversion rate and cost you money at the same time. It may sound simple, but follow through on your advertisements with an appropriate and functional landing page.

Flashy Web Design

It’s no crime to want your website to be as good-looking as possible. However, you should never sacrifice style for substance. Remember that website navigation is key. You don’t want your customers searching in vain for a product or service only to be denied by unnecessary pop-ups or pages that don’t answer vital questions.


Whether you’re marketing lab equipment like a new type of micro collection tube, or you run a sporting goods store –– there are certain practices you should avoid in your marketing strategy. It’s wonderful to display ambition, and you should always be looking to improve the way you do business. However, be wary of trends or fads in marketing. Like anything else they come and go fast. So it’s better to find proven and effective methods and stick to them, than risk compromising your business by treading out into untested marketing waters.

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