5 Super Easy Ways to Boost Your Adwords Campaign

  1. Have a List of Negative Keywords

This is a common suggestion when it comes to boosting your paid search results, but a surprising number of people neglect to use negative keywords.

Google Adwords is largely based on keywords. Negative keywords are keywords that your campaign will exclude in its targeting, so you won’t waste money on searches that have little or no relevance to your brand. It’s a good idea to monitor your progress and add new negative keywords to your list every month to get the best possible response from your audience.

If you’d like to see which search terms are working best for your ads, click the “Details” option under the Keywords tab and select “All.”

  1. Creating Mobile-Friendly Ads and Landing Pages

These days, most people are browsing the net on their phones. Whilst desktop ads are very important, having dedicated mobile ads is a simple way to boost the appeal of your ads for mobile users. This means using even more concise wording and make your ads extra attention-grabbing, because you’re working with smaller screens. It’s also a good idea to use shorter keywords.

On that note, it’s equally essential to make your corresponding landing pages just as mobile-friendly as your mobile ads. You don’t want to lose potential leads after you get them to click on your ad!

  1. Target Your Local Audience

If you’ve got a local business, including location extensions is absolutely essential. It will add location-specific information such as address and trading hours to your ads and make it a lot easier for potential customers to find you in Google Maps. You’ll need to make sure your website appears in Google Maps to begin with but all you need to do that is a Google My Business verification with a pin. Leave a number for your customers to call using Google Adwords so they can contact you with ease.

  1. Expand YourAdwordsReach by Using Other Languages

If you’ve got a product or a service that specifically caters to international markets, using multiple languages in your ads will help increase your spread and brand awareness. Your geographical location might also offer some guidance when using other languages – for example, if you’re in an area that has a large Vietnamese speaking population, consider targeting this group in your ads.

  1. Use the Right Keyword Match Types

Using the right keyword match types is essential to creating a successful Adwords campaign. The type of keywords you use will affect the relevancy of your ad and the impression it has on your audience. Generally speaking, the more specific the keyword, the lower the click-through rate and the higher the relevance.

A Broad Match Keyword is the most general option; it includes keywords in any order as well as synonyms.

Broad Match Modified Keywords are signified by a (+) sign in front of the keyword and shows the keywords in the order you specify.

Phrase Match Keywords are entered in quotation marks and only show your ad when that exact phrase is used.

An Exact Match Keyword is exactly that – your ad will only be shown to those that search up that exact keyword. Exact match keywords are entered in brackets.

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