Weight-Loss Technology You Need To Try In 2018

At the time of writing, we are heading into the Christmas season, meaning an abundance of turkey, chocolate and other diet-defeating foods. As 2018 rolls around, weight-loss may well be added to your New Year resolutions, but at any time of the year, it’s always good to stay on top of your health. A good diet will help your weight-loss of course, though you do need to be careful of fads, such as those using butyric acid. Diet supplements can also help. If you are wondering what are the benefits of EAA supplements, this article explains it really well. Exercise also helps, though it can easily become a chore if you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing. Hence our article, which will offer you some of the new technologies which help you lose weight and give you the incentive to keep going. Consider them a supplement rather than a substitute to your existing weight-loss programme.

1. Exercise tracking on your ring finger

If your partner presented you with this ring, it might be a hint you need to get back into fitness, rather than a wedding proposal. One of the smallest fitness trackers available, this high-functioning titanium ring will track how many steps you do in a day, monitor your heart rate and sleeping patterns, and will sense your activity as an ‘always on’ device, without you having to do anything to activate it. Not only is it useful, it also looks good, and can be customized to fit your finger size. The next time you are thinking about exercising, say “I do” and let the ring motivate you into getting out of your bed.

2. Ride a bike (at home)

Is the weather too cold for a cycle ride outside? Are you sick and tired of other people watching you when you sweat it out at the gym during spin class? Then consider the Peloton Bike, a stationary bike that can be set up anywhere in your home. So much more than a regular exercise bike, this has an HD touchscreen which helps you to monitor your progress, with customizable fitness routines to help you reach your goals. There is one other selling point that sets this apart from similar bikes on the market. You can interact with world-class instructors and take part in live or on-demand classes, and compete with riders all over the world. It’s the fitness fanatics version of an online video game, with leaderboards to show you how you compare to others. If you ever you needed an incentive to exercise more, the Peloton Bike is it.

3. Sleep in a Smart Bed

Finally, an option for those who prefer rest to exercise. According to the Center for Disease Control, getting enough sleep is one way to cut down on obesity. This doesn’t give you an excuse to sleep all day of course, but at least you know that weight-loss is one of the added health benefits that sleep offers. However, you do need to be comfortable to manage this effectively. Smart Beds, such as the ReST Bed will provide you with real-time data to let you know your optimum sleeping position, while adjusting itself to give you optimal comfort and rest while you sleep. Perfect for you as you try and get your beauty sleep, and perfect for your partner who may not have to put up with your insufferable snoring for much longer. Complement the bed with some bamboo pillows to maximise your comfort. Of course, you still need to continue your fitness programme in your waking hours, so you will need to get out of the bed eventually, no matter how comfortable.

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