Fitness of the Future: How Apps and Wearables are Changing Our Health


The way we think of fitness has changed and keeps on changing thanks to technology. Technology has become a part of our lives in all aspects, and it is helping people not only become more aware of their fitness but also making it easier for them to reach their goals. Two major technologies that have impacted the way we approach or can approach fitness are personal training apps and wearables. Since people can use these apps or wearables, they can focus on the fitness part of their journey and getting the work done, and the technology can focus on tracking and support.

Fitness apps

If you have been on the app store recently, you have probably seen many coaching and fitness apps. These apps have changed how people approach fitness, as it has become more convenient to train with an instructor free of charge or follow of a curated fitness challenge that you can do whenever, wherever you can. This is radically different from the traditional approach with professional instructors, where costs can be high and you have to show up in person to where they are at or pay a trainer to come to you. The cost of a fitness app is often minimal compared to in-person trainer costs and can create a much more comfortable fitness environment for many people working on their health.  

Fitness apps help people workout as they can be used to pull workouts from, track progress, hold people accountable, and remind users to get their workouts. For example, with the app called 30 day fitness challenge users can partake in the challenge for an organized workout regime that is put together by trainers, check in daily, and track their progress. Having the visual and the reminder sets users up for success and encourages them to complete and check off their daily workout.

Wearables and fitness trackers

Wearables are tiny devices of electronic technology that can be worn on the body, and they have changed the way that we think about health and fitness. They have a major impact on our lives in the simplest of forms, all tuned into this device that tracks data and helps users with their individual health journey. Wearables and fitness trackers can track movement, physical activity and your physical responses and because of this, they have become popular incorporation to many people’s fitness lifestyle. For example, most wearables currently on the market can measure heart rate, the number of calories burnt, quality of sleep, step count, running distance, etc. After data is produced, the device then gives you feedback accordingly.

By simply wearing something on your wrist, you can track your progress and productivity and fine-tune your workouts and lifestyle according to where you want your fitness to be. It can be easy to get caught up in the day to day life and this little check-in just may encourage you to fit in a HIIT workout, walk to the store or take the stairs!

This technology, both fitness apps and wearables are changing our health as we get the track, complete and improve our fitness on our own terms with the support of technology.

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