Global Weather Conditions Interactive Visualization

This up-to-date visualization uses Vector and raster map data from Natural Earth, to artfully depict weather conditions around the globe. With updated weather forecasts, you can actually view the various waves and currents that are taking place globally. It is an interactive visualization that enables the user to click on any area to obtain various pieces of information about that particular place they selected. Items such as wind currents, latitude, and longitude are provided when clicked. You can also change the map type view by selecting one of the various entities in projection or even change the overlay from currents to waves.

Updates vary accordingly:

Weather forecasts and ocean waves: every 3 hours

Ocean surface currents estimates: every 5 days

Ocean surface temperature estimates: daily

The visualization also provides further helpful information regarding wind, temperature, pressure and links to additional resources.

Source: earth.nullschool.net

earth, ocean currents, weather conditions

Earth Ocean Currents (Credit: earth.nullschool.net)

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